Miller’s Tips: Turkey Tips #5

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By: Jim Miller
By: Jim Miller

LOCATOR CALLS & OTHER CALLS YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE: Gobble Tubes, a great extra in your turkey vest or fanny pack. Gobble Tubes are great to agitate an old gobbler into thinking another gobbler has moved into his breeding area and let me tell you, gobblers are very territorial. I’ve seen them fight for hours running off jakes, 2 year olds and even older gobblers to protect their breeding grounds. So make sure you have a Gobble Tube in your arsenal.


Owl Locators is a great way to get an old Gobbler to answer before daylight or early morning, Owls are a natural enemy of the Turkey, especially at night time when a turkey is on the roost. Owls will fly into the trees silently and with a deadly blow to the turkeys head, will knock them out of the trees for a late night supper for any of the large Owl families. Some of the companies that make Owl Calls are Zink, Primos, Knight& Hale and Flextone.

Shock 'N Owl call from Primos
Shock ‘N Owl call from Primos

COYOTES are also an enemy to turkeys and any of the Coyote Howlers can get you a response just about any time from before sunrise on. The Coyote Call is a good shock call to get an old gobbler to answer on his strutting grounds. Another Shock Call is a hawk or crow calls during late morning or anytime of the day. Hawks and crows are also enemies of the Turkey. If you are hunting in a state where it’s legal to hunt all day long, a shock call will get an old gobbler to respond by using just about any odd or loud call. I’ve gotten turkey to respond by slamming a truck door, blowing the truck horn, trains, emergency equipment sirens and air horn also work to get an old gobbler to respond.


Another call that you might want to put into your turkey vest or fanny pack is a Fighting Purr Call, great item to draw an old gobbler into bow or gun range. I can go on and on with all the different calls on the market, but what I have given you will keep you very busy and ready for the 2014 spring season.

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