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By: Dr. Dave Samuel
By: Dr. Dave Samuel

It’s the new year, and relative to hunting and the future of hunting, I decided to put together a “wish list.” Why not? Anyone can dream. Right? OK, this list may not match yours, and in fact, you may disagree with things I’ve listed, but here goes.

# 1 Wish. I wish state wildlife agencies didn’t have to spend so much of their valuable money and time dealing with anti issues in court. Wouldn’t it be nice if the anti hunters and anti hunting organizations (HSUS, PETA, etc.) would just get out of the court rooms, forcing our state and federal wildlife agencies to spend millions of dollars fighting law suits, injunctions, etc. that do not serve the good of our wildlife, and take away those dollars that could be used to benefit wildlife? I know that is just a pipe dream, but it is my wish. Here is a prime example. Bear hunting in New Jersey. There are lots of bears in New Jersey, and many live in and around towns where they cause damage to property, and create safety issues for citizens. Bottom line is that the citizens need help and a closely managed bear hunt helps citizens, still allows plenty of bears to roam the woods, and benefits the state at very little cost to non hunters. Yet, with some political support, the antis tied up the wildlife agency in court for years fighting a bear hunt while bear problems worsened. Thankfully, the agency persisted, in-house politics changed, and there is now a bear management program in place.

# 2 Wish. I wish I could watch television hunting shows minus all the ridiculous hunter statements given after the kill. Here are some examples of things hunters in the real world never say, yet we hear them all the time on television. “Let’s go get that bad boy.” Get real. OK, you’ve just bow shot a good buck and your buddy comes to your stand to help you follow the trail and retrieve the buck. When he arrives, you say to him, “let’s go get that bad boy.” Yeh, sure you do. Your deer isn’t “bad” and nobody says that. How about this one? Right after the killing shot, the hunter says (after pumping his arm up and down thirty times, while repeating, “yes, yes, yes” 21 times) “I center punched that sucker.” Give us a break. That never happens. When you are out there alone and you make a great shot on a good buck, you may say “yes” once. You probably sit down for a few seconds and look up or point to the sky and say “Thank you Lord,.” but you don’t go crazy and defile that wonderful moment with garbage. We just don’t do that . . . except on television hunting shows. Not all of the shows, thank goodness, but enough to make this my number two wish.

# 3. Wish. I wish folks who say that wild game is “gamey” so they won’t eat it, would have the benefit of eating wild game that has been properly cared for in the field, properly butchered, properly wrapped and frozen, and properly cooked. Healthy, wonderful, gourmet food that some non hunters are missing.

# 4. Wish. I wish all inner-city kids could be exposed to the woods and wild nature. They don’t necessarily have to be exposed to hunting, though that would be great, but just have a situation where our city youths could experience, then appreciate, what the woods can do to their spirit, their senses, their outlook on like, their ethics, etc, etc. No question we’d see a huge drop in the use of drugs, use of technical toys, school drop outs, crime, etc.

# 5. Wish. I wish that all kids, everywhere, could experience the fun of shooting bows. I know that our National Archery in the Schools Program does that for millions, but wouldn’t it be nice if that program, or something similar, could reach all grade and middle school kids? Wow.

When kids love shooting bows, the logical next step is hunting.
When kids love shooting bows, the logical next step is hunting.

# 6. Wish. I wish that we could somehow get rid of that small percentage of bowhunters (actually I hesitate to call them bowhunters, but they do bowhunt in some form) that steal trail cams, tree stands, etc. from those of us who obey the game laws. Selfish, lazy, stealing, thieves who probably learned such behavior from a parent who did the same selfish acts to other bowhunters. I wish you would just go away. Course, wishing won’t make that happen, so I wish that every legal bowhunter had a trail camera out there that would catch you in the act and lead to your arrest.

# 7. Wish. I wish everyone who donated to the Humane Society of the United States understood where that money goes. According to Humane Watch, there are now 38 HSUS employees making over $100,000 a year, up from 24 the previous year. The President of HSUS makes $395,000. HSUS spends 41 % of it’s budget on fund raising, and of the $120 million they raised in one year, they spent 1 % on animal shelters. Your local humane society animal shelter has nothing to do with HSUS. Nothing. I wish the donors who waste their money giving it to HSUS would just give their money to those local animal shelters.

Animal rights groups oppose mountain lion hunting, but use a huge amount of donations to pay salaries and retirement plans for top echelon employees.
Animal rights groups oppose mountain lion hunting, but use a huge amount of donations to pay salaries and retirement plans for top echelon employees.

# 8. Wish. I wish that hunters on television shows would all make some effort to use good grammar. Some of you may think I am being elitist here, and maybe so, but I get so tired of hearing hunters saying things like, “I seen three deer.” I saw them, but you “seen” them. Ouch. No wonder lots of non hunters struggle in their efforts to look on the positive side about hunting. They think we are not educated, and when we don’t know proper grammar that we learned in middle school, those feelings are understandable.

# 9. Wish. I wish you all had the wonderful hunting friends and guides that I had this past year and the past four years. As some of you may know I had a medical accident five years ago that has seriously impacted my life. I’m still able to do some hunting because of friends and great guides who know my limitations and help me get into the woods. Five years ago I thought I’d never be able to walk to the woods, much less bowhunt. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to God for putting wonderful people in my life that make some bowhunting possible. You know who you are and I appreciate you more than I can ever say.

# 10. Wish. I wish that your 2014 will be the greatest year for you, your family and your hunting.

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6 Responses to "Top 10 Wish List For 2014"

  1. Rick Philippi   2014/01/06 at 6:46 am

    #2 , I agree with Dr. Dave whole heartedly. I am sick and tired of so many of the hunting shows(not all of them) where the hunters are trying to be cool by talking trash after the shot or kill, not showing any respect to the animal they just harvested.
    One other thing that drives me crazy is when these same people take shots that are sometimes not lethal. They need to show a little patience and let the animal get in position to make a humane kill. I will not throw any of the TV shows name out there. I ask that you watch the shows and YOU make the decision on which ones to watch and NOT watch. In summary, I feel there need to be more respect shown to the animals that are harvested!!

  2. Sam W.   2014/01/06 at 7:54 am

    #2 gave me a good chuckle. They do quite a bit of that and it never really bothered me, but I’m pretty sure it will from now on.

  3. Roy Keefer   2014/01/06 at 8:42 pm

    Great list Dr. Samuel. I shook my head “yes” as I read each one. I hope 2014 is a great year for you and your family.

  4. Rick G   2014/01/17 at 8:04 am

    Dr. Samueal….I agree with everything you have said above. One thing needs to be added though. I am a resident of NJ and am happy that we now have a bear season but our Div if Fish and Game have caved to the anti’s about allowing bow hunting of the bears. We are the only state that has a bear season that does not allow an archer to participate in the management of this great resource.

  5. Rick   2014/02/09 at 9:36 pm

    Nice list. #4 is personal to me. I had the good fortune to live near a small park growing up, where I could explore and develop a respect for nature on my own. It’s made all the difference to me.

  6. Rick Namer   2016/06/27 at 4:32 pm

    Glad I found this list as I found myself nodding my head and even laughing at all of these. My biggest pet peeve is #6. Just this past January I had two of my trail cams stolen – I don’t understand how low some people will go to save a couple of bucks.

    Not only is stealing wrong but hell – we are in the same community! You could be stealing from someone you actually know or will meet one day. Jerk!

    I have doubled my trail cam inventory now and always set them up so atlas two are facing one another. I hope to one day catch someone in the act if it happened again!