How To Clean Your Archery Release Aid


Terry Harris of Jim Fletcher Archery shares his extensive expertise on Archery Release Aids and tells us how to clean release aids.

Reprinted From The Article “How to Clean a Fletcher Release”

  1. Clean-ReleaseIn the photo on the right, the arrows point to the axles on which the link pivots.  This is where most of the dirt and debris will accumulate. Dip the release in a solvent, we use paint thinner or alcohol.  Make sure to use care and proper precautions when using solvents.  Exposure to skin and eyes may be hazardous so proper skin and eye protection is a must.
  2. After dipping the release in solvent, use a stiff brush to scrub the slot that surrounds the link in the trigger part. An old tooth brush works good.  Try to  work the bristles in the slot and around the axles to loosen dirt and debris.
  3. Then, dip the release again and use compressed air at 30 psi or less to blow out and around the link and axles. Avoid inhaling the fumes and spray from the action of blowing out the slot.  The axles should now be lubricated.
    Oils such as 3 in 1 or gun oils will attract more dirt and debris and should not be used.  We use a drop of Tri Flo, graphite, Dri Slide or some kind of lubricant that is either dry or has a carrier that dries and leaves a non oily residue.
    The release must  be tested and adjusted for trigger sensitivity after lubrication and before shooting.  Lubricating the axles and the link will “speed up” the release greatly and could cause a misfire. For those of you that have Fletcher Releases with rollers instead of a link, the  same cleaning methods apply.

Terry Harris
Jim Fletcher Archery