Southern Ohio Outfitters


Southern Ohio Outfitters

Hello, My name is Dave Lusk. I am the owner/operator of Southern Ohio Outfitters. We are the foremost outfit for trophy whitetail in Ohio. In fact, Southern Ohio Outfitters has been Named Ohio’s Top Outfit for Trophy Whitetail Hunts in Ohio and One of NORTH AMERICAS Top 5 destinations to hunt big bucks By Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine!       

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In Ohio, My operation is based off of approximately 12,000 acres of the most intensively managed property that you will find anywhere. Professionally managed, with a Wildlife Biologist on staff, our properties are approx. 75% woods and 25% food, (so there’s plenty of cover to produce those monster bucks) and feature numerous food plots composed of forbs, grains and hays including corn, clover, soybeans and brassicas. Bone Crusher Brand Minerals are also utilized throughout our properties, maximizing antler growth and benefiting overall herd health.
Hunting pressure on all Southern Ohio Outfitter’s property is very low, Which helps us maintain a 90% opportunity on P&Y bucks. The estimated AVERAGE age of Whitetail bucks on our properties is 3.5 years.
Our accommodations are second to none with three Lodges, including our recently Five-Star, Master’s Lodge. We pride ourselves on providing first class comfort and excellent meals at each of our lodges!  For Bowhunters, a 3D course is readily accessible at our Oak Ridge Lodge.
Southern Ohio Outfitters has been featured on numerous shows. These shows have hunted with my outfit and will tell you, not only am I the best in Ohio, but one of the best in the Midwest and that’s something that I take great pride in. 94% of all hunters that hunt with us book with us again!
We offer ALL INCLUSIVE HUNTS in Ohio that include all your meals, lodging. Transport to and from your stands is included. You do have to buy your license over the counter. Hunts are 3, 5 or 7 day increments. All our hunting properties are within 15 minutes of the lodge and travel is minimal.
We do offer group discounts on our deer hunts with $100 being knocked off each hunters total for a group of 4 or more.  We also offer Corporate hunts, so if impressing your clients is something  you are trying to accomplish we can help you achieve that goal.
We also offer turkey hunts at extremely reasonably prices and average a 142% kill success rate during the first week with most hunters having multiple opportunities to harvest a gobbler.
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