Last 2 Chances to WIN a HECS STEALTHSCREEN Suit!

Congratulations go out to David Averion of Pomeroy, Ohio  and Charles Blankenship of Harleyville, South Carolina our two winners of a HECS STEALTHSCREEN Suit.  This is the last chance and the last month to win so, who will win this month? Maybe YOU?


And find out what all the buzz over this amazing advancement in concealment is really all about.

For Nov the good people at HECS are giving away two HECS STEALTHSCREEN suits. You could be one of the lucky people to win a HECS suit and take your hunting to the next level.  All you have to do is Register.

Nothing to buy, no personal data to share, just enter each month for a chance to win your own HECS STEALTHSCREEN suit.

HECS, ‘The Evolution of Concealment’.

Wear a HECS suit and you’ll understand what total concealment really means.

It is quick and simple to enter. Simply send your name and email address to: Put HECS CONTEST 2013 in the Subject line. That’s all you have to do.

Contest open to US residents only. One entry per month please.

Our computer will randomly select two winners who will be notified to provide clothing size, shipping address and phone number.

Winners will have 10 days to respond. If no response is received another name will be chosen.

You’ve heard about HECS from some of today’s top bowhunters but to learn how HECS works, watch this video and see the science behind this amazing concealment technology.

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