We Have a Winner for a Pair of GRUBS Boots For Oct

Grubs North America and Bowhunting.net,  would like to congratulate Cheryl Alley of  Garrettsville, Ohio  as the winner of the October, boot give-away sponsored by Grubs North America and Bowhunting.net.

Cheryl will receive a free pair of Grubs Treeline 8.5 SP hunting boots and plans to give the boots to her husband who loves to hunt deer with both Bow and Firearms. We know he will enjoy the boots and we wish him  success this deer season.


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                         HOW WE PUT THEM TOGETHER “ SETS US APART “

     The Treeline 8.5, has 8.5mm of our INSU-FOAM ULTRA rated to –40 and tested to extreme in the Northern forest of Sweden. The leg is covered in super protective (SP) rip-stop material in Mossy Oak New Break-Up camouflage. It has the excellent multi-sport Vibram sole that gives superior grip on all surfaces.

The 8.5 technology has moisture wicking polyester fleece combined with our Highloft liner which circulate and traps heat, like down feathers. The liner wicks away excess persperation and odor, and creates a comfortable temperature inside the boot in bitter winter conditions. COMFORT RANGE : -40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more information and location of your nearest dealer visit us at;  www.grubsboot.com

3 Responses to "We Have a Winner for a Pair of GRUBS Boots For Oct"

  1. duane eddy   2013/08/01 at 8:11 pm

    need new ones

  2. Charles Christianson II   2013/08/02 at 2:24 pm

    Love to have a new pair. Wearing trash bags in side my boots now to keep my feet dry.

  3. Robert Hoague   2013/09/07 at 10:52 am

    Grub’s Boots are great boots. Usually this style of boot takes a while to break in and be comfortable. Not so with Grub’s Boots. The first time I put them on they felt totally comfortable. I’ve given them some very long walks, slogged through mud and rocks, climbed trees and waded streams; they do the job. They are also waterproof and breathable, which are definitely good qualities for hunting boots.