Yellowstone is Dead:

Great Americans like Toby Bridges of Lobo Watch, Robert Fanning and his organization Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd and more have been doing yeoman work to make people around the world aware of the disaster that the governments reintroduction and mismanagement of the wolf has caused. If you are a sportsman/hunter and believe that our duty is to conserve and protect our natural resources and our wildlife populations then I invite you to watch these two videos by Scott Rockholm.


Yellowstone is Dead

You can purchase a copy of the Documentary here: Buy Yellowstone is Dead 


Donations to help save the Northern Yellowstone elk herd can be made here:
Donate to FOTNYEH care of E.L.K inc P.O. Box 85 Gardiner, Montana 59030

It is long past time for every sportsman/woman and the Shooting/Hunting Sports industry to come to together to put a stop to this destruction. If the wolf was eradicated today it would take decades to get the animal herds of elk, buffalo, moose deer back to pre-wolf numbers. We all, sportsman and industry has to support these efforts now.

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