Gear Review: Toxic Broadhead

By: Colby Ward
By: Colby Ward

Since the beginning of bowhunting, the simple 2 bladed broadhead reigned supreme for killing and for the last hundreds of years were the only heads commercially available. As bowhunting has evolved, so have the broadheads. My buddy Bill Schulthies and I tested the Toxic Broadhead by Flying Arrow Archery and the results are fantastic.

With hunting season fast approaching we got out for some quick practice and testing of this new broadhead. The criteria we used for the test are:  1) Accuracy  2) Penetration and  3) hemorrhaging. I want my broadheads to shoot with the same accuracy as the field tips that I practice with. Penetration is critical as the broadhead must cut through both sides of an animal leaving an exit wound with massive hemorrhaging for faster bleed out as well as leaving a good blood trail if needed. The more blood loss a broadhead creates in the shortest amount of time it will take the animal to die and the more effective they will be.

The company was started in 2012 by industry veteran  by Chris Rager who had sold his previous company, Trophy Ridge/Rocket Aeroheads in 2007. He had the following information on it’s web site:


We developed the unprecedented, uniquely designed, most innovative broadhead to ever be launched from an arrow rest. The “Toxic” was given its name, for its lethal and deadly design, delivering deeper bone crushing penetration and silent flight, that even the most wary of game animals will never hear it coming.


The Toxic broadhead was designed to eliminate plaining, unlike most conventional fixed blade broadheads on the market. The use of a helical or hard offset vane is no longer needed, allowing the Toxic to deliver precision arrow flight and quiet accuracy and deeper penetration.


With it’s unique patent-pending blade system, the Toxic provides a massive wound channel creating what we describe as “Meat Worms” delivering phenomenal blood trails. It leaves a wound channel described by a surgeon as a “Radical Core Decompression” wound—the most lethal of wounds.
The Toxic Broadhead from Flying Arrow Archery
The Toxic Broadhead from Flying Arrow Archery

We first shot our 100 grain Toxic broadhead at the life size deer target at 40 yards and both were impressed with the extreme accuracy of the Toxic. As well, we were both amazed at the penetration and the gaping holes the Toxic Broadhead left at they plowed right through the target. This was impressive, but since this target had a field target insert we decided to try a few other brands of broadheads at the same target from the same distance. None of which completely penetrated the target.


The Toxic Broadhead had completely penetrated our deer target leaving a gaping hole so we moved to the broadhead target and got equally impressive results. Although the arrow did not pass through the broadhead target, it did leave a tremendous hole which equates to massive hemorrhaging in the field.

Broadhead target had three large holes from the Toxic Broadhead.
Broadhead target had three large core holes from the Toxic Broadhead.

We stepped up and shot both targets at 30 yards and saw the exact same results.


A large broadhead hole like the ones above will result in massive hemorrhaging.
The large broadhead hole with material literally cored out of the targets, like the ones above, will result in massive hemorrhaging.

Toxic broadheads have a unique design that delivers lethal and deadly, bone crushing penetration with a silent flight. With its patent pending blade design, the Toxic broadhead provides a massive wound channel that looks like meat worms, which deliver phenomenal blood trails. I highly recommend you try the new Toxic Bora heads by Flying Arrow Archery.

Toxic Broadhead by Flying Arrow Archery lives up to its claims as shown on their packaging, in our initial tests
Toxic Broadhead by Flying Arrow Archery lives up to its claims as shown on their packaging, in our initial tests

Bill is heading to Kansas to hunt Whitetails this weekend and I will be heading to North Texas. Both of us will be shooting Toxic Broadheads and are excited to share our results with live animals.

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