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If you love the invigorating freshness and excitement of the great outdoors you are going to love Canadian Outdoorsman magazine. If you love to hunt and fish, you will love reading every issue of Canadian Outdoorsman Magazine. With the click of one button you’ll be able to read the Fall Canadian Outdoorsman, the Fall Bow Hunting Edition and the special Deer Hunting Edition, it is not too late. Signing up is easy, quick and free and you’ll not only be able to read these past issues but be able to read all future issues as they come out.

Love the outdoor lifestyle? Then Canadian Outdoorsman is for you.

We are also taking a survey on your waterfowl habits. We know most who visit are avid bowhunters but, since most bowhunters are all around outdoors people we know many also hunt waterfowl. If this is you we would love to get your take on the sport with this short survey. WATERFOWL SURVEY