Barebow Book for the Avid Archer

By: Tom Claycomb III
By: Tom Claycomb III

Normally I don’t go out on a limb and recommend a product before I try it but this once I am. While in South Carolina at the Professional Outdoor Media Assn. Convention in March I met Dennis Dunn. We were sitting around one night shooting the bull and then went to dinner and I got to know him better. He was interesting to talk to and has quite a list of accomplishments with a bow, having bagged many big game animals.

I got to hear about a lot of his hunts at dinner that night and we had a good time. Of course I love sitting around the campfire so to speak telling stories. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I’m an Outdoor Writer.

Dennis has written a book titled “BAREBOW”. It’s, I guess, what I’d classify as a coffee table book. It is huge, at 504 pages with some nice artwork in it. Due to the size and going all out on the artwork it is fairly expensive which has probably prevented some people from buying it. Well Dennis decided to make it more affordable and easier to get so he has recently broken it down into a 7-part series and marketed it as an e-book. Each part sells for only $3.99 making it easy and inexpensive. So that is another option for you to purchase it. The BAREBOW! eBooks can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the following link:


The book covers hunting 29 different species in North America so it’s not a book that you’ll want to plan on sitting down and reading all in one sitting. It is more like an adventure. Or, actually, 107 true tales of adventure and misadventure — all autobiographical and true.


It won the 2010 POMA Mossy Oak Pinnacle Award and just very recently won the 1st place award in its broad category-the eLit Gold Award. The latter was entered in a contest titled Sports/Fitness/Recreation so it was not just competing against outdoor books. For more please go to:

I have some literature on Amazon Kindle myself so it goes without saying that I am all for e-books and e-articles. All four of mine are available online and I encourage you to buy them. In fact, buy one for all your friends! But with that said, I still like to sit down with a hard cover book.

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