The PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme Arrows

Summer is the time most of us start thinking about buying new archery gear. Arrows are typically on everyone’s list. Arrows seem to be changing almost as fast as bows. Every year, arrow companies make great strides forward in arrow technology.

Carbon Express has a few new arrows for 2013. The Maxima Red is an arrow that many bowhunters are purchasing but it isn’t the only new arrow that Carbon Express introduced this year. The PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme is another arrow that deserves a second look. As the name implies, the PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme was designed to provide superior penetration. This small diameter shaft is sure to be a good seller for Carbon Express, largely because hunters are looking for an arrow that will provide great penetration and accuracy.

Bob Donahoe from Massachusetts is the owner of the Velocitip Bow Tuning Device. Outdoor Life, Field & Stream and many other industry publications and manufacturers depend on Bob and his technology when they are testing new equipment like bows and arrows. Here is what Bob had to say about narrow diameter shafts. “Today’s smaller diameter arrows deliver more punch because they are more aerodynamic than conventional diameter shafts. They have reduced drag. We use retained energy (KE at the target divided by KE at the bow) measured with the Velocitip System to compare performance. The benefits of a narrow diameter shaft increase as the distance downrange increases. But even at distances as close as twenty yards, a narrow diameter shaft substantially increases retained energy. That means added energy at the target which can be the difference between an effective shot and a long blood trail,” Donahue explained.

Small diameter shafts really come in handy when hunting in windy conditions. “Bowhunters will notice a difference in accuracy when they are hunting in the open country out west on the tundra in Alaska where the wind can really impact arrow flight. The PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme is a narrow diameter shaft and is a heavier shaft than some, which helps with downrange penetration. Many bowhunters want a heavier arrow for bringing down big game animals. The PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme fits the bill. With this arrow, bowhunters get more mass going through the animal and less friction which means they will likely get better penetration,” Lennie Rezmer of Carbon Express noted.

Another nice feature found on this arrow is the insert. “The PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme comes with the PTX carbon steel half out insert. Half of the insert is inside the shaft; half is outside the shaft. The PTX is made of carbon steel, which is three times stronger than traditional aluminum inserts. Since the PTX meets standard industry thread size, it fits traditional industry-standard broadheads.

The PTX is stronger than traditional aluminum inserts so the broadheads will stay securely in place upon impact. The PTX thread size is the industry standard 32 TPI (Threads Per Inch) and the PTX will work with any standard fixed and mechanical broadhead and field point,” Rezmer said. Another advantage of the PTX insert is since it is a little on the heavy side, it gives you a little extra FOC for better downrange accuracy and kinetic energy.

The PileDriver Pass Thru Extreme, like all Carbon Express Shafts, are built with extreme consistency. All shaft sets are sorted and matched by weight for best-in-class consistency. The weight sorting tolerance is +/- 2.0 grains! Every PileDriver series shaft is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. PileDriver shafts are checked to a straightness of +/- 0.004″ as a maximum measurement, not an average.

What does all this mean for the average bowhunter? More consistency and more accuracy. The PileDriver Extreme has almost everything a big game hunter needs in an arrow. If you are looking for a tough arrow to use while hunting whitetails, elk and other big game check out the Carbon Express Pass Thru Extreme.

Tracy Breen

About The Author: Tracy is a full time outdoor writer, speaker and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. He works with a variety of companies including Mathews, Mission and Carbon Express. Learn more about him by visiting  Tracy Breen.