Miller’s Tips: Establishing Your Draw length

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By: Jim Miller
By: Jim Miller

If you read my last Tip you should have established that you are either Right or Left eye dominate. The next most important part of purchasing a bow is to go to an archery pro shop and have them determine what your proper draw length is.

But if you do not have a pro shop close by you can get a pretty close estimate yourself. First, stand near a wall, if you are a right hand shooter,  so your left side is closest to the wall and square your feet  90 degrees to the wall.

Then make a fist and stretch out your left arm (opposite if you are a left hand shooter). Be close enough to the wall so you can place the knuckles part of your fist against the wall, turn your head looking down your left arm  as you’re squared 90 degrees to the wall” with your fist against the wall and have someone  take a  tape measure and measure from the wall to the corner of your mouth on your right side.

This will give you an excellent working point for your correct draw length. It is advisable to go to a Pro Shop as  they will be able to give you a more accurate measurement of your draw length.  Having a bow set t o your precise draw length is an important step in shooting your best.