Gear Review: The Outpost Feeder

By: Gary Ellott
By: Gary Ellott

I see a lot of feeders in this business and generally they require setup and maintenance and time of course and you need to generally fill with a lot of corn which means you have to find a way to get it to the feeder. I don’t have this luxury. It seems neither did the inventor of the Outpost either.

This cylinder style feeder holds 20 pounds and out of the box is nearly ready to hang. It comes with cable to prevent animal chew and Para cord to make it last. There is also a weight for tying to the cable to throw over branches to hang the feeder. When full this feeder only weighs 25lbs and the carry bag also can be used to carry the exact amount of feed out to your feeder over your shoulder instead of a cumbersome bag or driving out to your feeder. The high impact plastic feeder comes in grey and tan and become hard to see once hung which helps keep your spot un-announced to others.


The unit that controls the feeder runs one 4 AA batteries and has lasted me nearly 5 months that was on cheap alkaline batteries. You set the time and then have up to 4 feeding times to choose from and how long spinner run times. The company suggests a spin time setting of 3 or 4 and I feed twice a day, once in the morning and once late evening. My corn then last nearly 3 weeks without a refill.

With the feeder at work, the deer come to feed.
With the feeder at work, the deer come to feed.

This is a simple, versatile and functional feeder and only has an MSRP of $79.99 plus shipping and handling. I have enjoyed this feeder and it has held up to snow, rain and sleet and not stopped working. It can be used for the serious hunter or the recreational feeder.

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