Southern Boyz Outdoors Goes for Gators!


By: Kinion Bankston Southern Boyz Outdoors


August 28 2013, Pumpkin Center, LA begins GATOR SEASON for me, I will begin to set my baits out in the swamp in my secret spots that I have worked for years now. Gator season really starts my hunting season here in the south, my cameras will be rolling from then until spring with all the different game we go after each year. Last year was a very productive year for me and all my friends. My first bait  had a nice gator on the hook so I shot it with a  PSE bow with a Swhacker Broadhead and shot right through him. Wow! The next Gator was a real fighter, it took a huge effort to get him under control. In fact it took two of us to get this big boy in the boat. Finally he was BAD, Big Alligator Down!


Then on to the next hook, Watch us fill up our boat with Gators, one almost pulls me in for a swim. Check out our show, we are sponsored by World Class Whitetails of Ohio, SpyPoint, Outdoor Shopper, K2Coolers, Vapor Maker, Livingston Parish . Like us on



(To watch video: CLICK HERE)