Rick’s Pick: Marc Anthony & The Real Deal Ghillie Suit

Marc Anthony with on his many trophy whitetail bucks.
By: Rich Philippi

I am always looking for products to enhance my getting close to game animals without being detected. This is how I ran across the Bow Hunter Ghillie suit made by Marc Anthony. This ghillie suit is made of lightweight 100% polyester mesh for a streamlined body fit that enables a bowhunter for limitless free motion. What differentiates Marcs Ghillie Suit from others is the shooting arm and chest areas are covered in a soft silent flannel material to minimize noise and the interference of the bow’s string, crucial for a bow hunter. This suit is also has some additional features that are in a league of their own.

It has a drop down face veil, hood and waist adjustments, molded zipper front and pocket holes for easy access to additional pockets. There is also an extra storage pocket with extra strings and leaves. It also rolls up into a carrier making it easy to transport to and from your stand. The pants have a quick fastener belt for a proper fit and a zippered fly and ankles. The Marc Anthony Ghillie can be bought in two different colors, turkey/early deer season (which has more green) or fall deer season (which is more of a brown)

Before purchasing my ghillie I actually called and talked to Marc. After answering all my questions I gave him my credit card and got one. I purchased the turkey/early deer season ghillie. I have not had the chance to hunt in mine yet but when I received it I went into the timber behind my house, my son watched me walk into the area and could not see me because I blended in so well. I literally disappeared into the surrounding woods.

The product is well made and does what it is advertised to do but like all products, there is person behind it. So, let me give you some information about the man behind the creation of the bowhunter ghillie. Marc Anthony, in spite of all his accomplishments, is a very humble and down to earth individual. He is not a braggart or egotistical about his amazing accomplishments in the woods. He has not gone out of his way to promote himself like most of the sport celebrity’s we watch on TV. The fact of the matter is Marc probably forgot more than most of them know. He has killed 6 bucks that have scored Boone and Crockett with a bow while hunting on the ground while wearing his ghillie suit, an accomplishment never achieved by another bow hunter.

Hard to be humble with bucks like this hanging on your wall but Marc is.

Marc has a 4-Stage method for patterning monster bucks. The first thing he does is check satellite images and aerial photos to determine the best locations to put trail cameras. Then he uses his proven Two Hundred Rule, which is defined as any area where a monster buck does not have to travel 200 yards for prime food, bedding and water.

The second thing Marc does is boots on the ground scouting of the area to determine exactly where to place his cameras. He does not get concerned if there is not a lot of sign because most big mature bucks are loners and don’t use the same trails that the other deer travel. He usually starts close to potential feeding areas looking for lightly traveled trails that connect the food and water source to a secluded bedding area. Again, keep in mind these are the big three—food, water and secure bedding.

The third part of Marc’s process is he lets his cameras sit for two weeks before checking them. The objective here is to let the area quiet down with no human interaction. He will set up multiple cameras in the same location pointing in different directions. He will then take a card reader with him to see if a good buck is in the area and to determine which way the buck is traveling. A good example of this is, if it’s the evening, the direction from which the buck is coming usually points back to his bedding area.

The fourth and final technique Marc calls the “Close In”. When locating a good buck he moves his cameras 30 to 40 yards along the trail toward the buck bedding area. He will then back off of the area for another two weeks. If he has more pictures when he returns he will keep moving the cameras as close as he can to the secure area where the buck sleeps. While studying the photos he is looking for a good ambush spot to hide to get his shot. This technique has proven deadly to Marc’s success.

Marc Anthony is a living legend in my humble opinion. I personally have been bowhunting for 45 years and not once have I crossed paths with a bowhunter who has taken this many Boone and Crockett deer with the stick and string while hunting from the ground. Marc’s accomplishments are flat out unbelievable. Living now in a culture where there are many television productions showing guys taking huge bucks and pumping fists in the air with many of these animals shot in game fenced properties it’s refreshing to see that there is true bowhunter out there doing it the old fashion way—preparation, knowledge, skills and determined and thorough scouting.

I know Marc Anthony does not seek recognition or praise but I feel it is imperative that people know just what this accomplished pure bow hunter has achieved. He is what bowhunting should be about and the proof is hanging on his wall.

To check Marc out you can go to www.marcanthonyoutdoors.com His ghillie suit can be purchased at www.bushrag.com or for other options in Ghillie Suits see the Amazon links at the bottom of this article.

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One Response to "Rick’s Pick: Marc Anthony & The Real Deal Ghillie Suit"

  1. Ricky Philippi   2013/09/03 at 5:52 pm

    Awesome story dad! I honestly learned a lot from this story and the Ghillie suit is awesome for bowhunters. This story makes perfect sense on how to plan to shoot a big buck. Take a screen shot of your land with a map. Look at all your water sources and put as many trail cameras as you have on all the hot trails with a 200 yard radius of the water sources. This even makes more sense down south like us here in TX where we know the animals have to go every day. LOL. Marc Anthony thanks for letting my dad pick your brain and I am literally only going to use you Ghillie suit and method to bag a monster this year. This is why I love the outdoors and the people that you meet along the way. Real people!!