HUNT CHANNEL TV’s Southern Boyz Outdoors with Kinion Bankston Cracks Top Ten


Southern Boyz Outdoors airs on Thursday night at 9 pm EST on HUNT CHANNEL TV. According to Social Marketing Guys website Southern Boyz Outdoors with Kinion Bankston as of July 3, 2013 made a huge splash by entering the national outdoor television market at number 7 on the Top 50 Hunting TV Show Facebook “Like” pages. Just click on the Top 50 Hunting TV Show Face book “Like” link and see all of the shows on the list and how your favorite shows rank.

Kinion was born in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana and still lives near there in the 4th ward in Livingston Parish Louisiana. Kinion just celebrated his 27 th wedding anniversary with his wife Tanya (Southern Girlz Outdoors) he has 2 adult children John and Brandie, he has 2 grand kids, who he loves to spend time with in the Sportsmen’s Paradise state of Louisiana. Kinion starting filming in 2004 in his home town several different hunts and enjoyed showing his hunts to all of his family and friends, then in 2009 the owner of the local channel 17 in Hammond, LA Wayne Glascock saw some of the clips that Kinion had put up on YouTube. Mr. Glascock said “Kinion you should do your own local hunting show, I can put it on channel 17, I know our viewers would love to watch it.” Kinion responded “I don’t have a clue of what to do or even how to do it, where would I start, or even what should I call it.” Kinion continued with the story “I know people are going to think that I am making this up, but it is the truth. I literally woke in the middle of the night, SOUTHERN BOYS OUTDOORS ! no SOUTHERN BOYZ OUTDOORS !, yes that was it. So I got up went to my PC and did a Google search and no one owned the name. My friends that is when SBO Southern Boyz Outdoors was born.”


Kinion Bankston left, Paul LeBlanc right

So Kinion started by watching as many hunting shows as he could, looking up items online to help him learn how to film and edit his own show. A year or so later after airing locally, he wanted to reach more viewers with his unique Southern style of hunting everything. After watching several national outdoor hunting shows on the different channels, he said “ I knew I wouldn’t make it by just buying airtime and trying to get sponsors to help me, I needed a good reason for them to want to sponsor my show.” The REASON was FaceBook ! Kinion continued, “ I needed to build a way to get my FRIENDS to help me get my message out to the country.” Because there is a little bit of Southern Boyz Outdoors in everyone, anywhere you live! It doesn’t matter what state you live in, Kinion continued, “ I really believe in people, I want to share the great bounty of Louisiana with ALL MY FRIENDS from around the world.”

So after a couple of years of spending a tremendous amount of hours each day working on his FB page, with the help of his over 95,000 FRIENDS. Southern Boyz Outdoors launched on the 4th of July 2013, Independence Day, I think there is a message in that fact. I ask Kinion what made him so successful with his FaceBook page? Kinion didn’t even take a breath “ The page is SBO but SBO is really anyone who enjoys hunting, fishing, frogging and anything that we do in the outdoors. My FRIENDS are what made me the person that I am today, I truly appreciate all of them and I always want to try to give back to them by sharing their photos on SBO Face Book page . We started SBO NATION on my TV show as a way to say THANKS to all of my FRIENDS.” Folks please feel free to go check out his Face Book page at Southern Boyz Outdoors. CLICK HERE TO SEE A CLIP FROM THE SHOW ! Southern Boyz Outdoors is sponsored by SpyPoint , World Class Whitetails of Ohio, Outdoor Shopper and Livingston Parish.

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  1. social master   2013/07/12 at 7:35 pm

    LIKE count is not a relevant indicator of the performance of your content on Facebook. Good try SM Guys. Anyone can buy LIKES with Ads on Facebook, do big contests or they can post “non-relevant” content to boost their talking about this rate and shares. Just because you have LIKES and People Talking… doesn’t mean they are even getting out the RIGHT message a “Outdoor TV show” should be sending.

    I guess it really comes down to what you want to get out of your page. You can post content that gets a lot of “engagement” each day and reach a lot of people, which may improve your edge rank value on Facebook, but this is still not going to translate into real “sales” of your product, from your page. Oh but your a “TV show” and don’t have any products or need to worry about sales? Well, sales do matter as a TV show. Your product sales are your sponsors (ant their products), website visits, blog visits, fan approval, fans “actually” watching the show on the network and maybe even merch sales. Are you getting good numbers in those areas? What is your CTR? What kind of sponsorship endorsements are you getting based on your CTR and “sales” factor?

    Direct manufacturer sales are not a huge factor to determine performance on Facebook. But the “sales” I am talking about are the biggest factor when it comes to a outdoor TV show on Facebook.

    I just took a look at your Facebook page. Looks like your posting content that gets a lot of engagement. That’s great. Good work. Where do you get your content? Probably from other hunting Facebook pages? That’s one reason most hunting TV show pages look dumb on Facebook. They don’t even create their own content to post. If you’re really good at Facebook, that’s what you would be doing. Be creative, post content that actually matters and get engagement on that. Anyone can post the junk you’re posting and get engagement and growth on a Facebook page over time. It’s funny to see the lack of engagement you get on your actual “sales” type posts.

    There is maybe 5 shows total on that list of 50 that are actually doing social media right on their Facebook page. It’s sad to see. I will say, great work on getting all these LIKES on your page though. Try to actually “sell” something to them now and show me the results you get!