OK Tornado Relief

From: Jen Bickel

As I sat on my porch one warm spring evening, I was taking in all of the beautiful surroundings we have here in Wyoming. The birds were singing their glorious songs, the warm spring breeze was gently kissing my face, and my children’s laughter echoing as they played. Everything seemed so vibrant and alive! I grabbed my phone to take some pictures and happened to tap my Facebook app instead. It was then that my stomach sank deep and the helplessness feeling was high. My newsfeed was flooded with the disastrous tornados ripping through Oklahoma, a state near and dear to my heart as it is where the company I work for, “His & Hers Outdoors” is based out of. As I was sitting on my porch watching my world go round, thousands of people were having theirs completely turned upside down. Leaving the state in complete devastation, they could use all the help they can get to get their lives as close to normal again as possible. His & Hers Outdoors has organized a benefit 3D shoot at the Crystal Lake Archery Club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have had tons of sponsors and companies donate some amazing prizes. There will be thousands of dollars worth of door prizes, raffle and silent auction items. 100% of the proceeds will go to OkDisasterHelp.com putting them all right back in the wonderful state of Oklahoma. Come join us in a fun filled weekend shooting for a great cause.