Gear Review: Dead Down Wind 3D Broad Spectrum Comprehensive Odor Control System


By: David Conrad


For me stand location is key when it comes to trophy whitetail. I like to setup in a narrow finger, especially along a ridge between two different hardwoods. I will always put up two stands on either side to take advantage of the wind direction. Another key ingredient while playing the wind is to try to eliminate as much human scent as possible. The past few years I have been relying on the arsenal of Dead Down Wind (DDW) products to suppress and manage scent elimination. For this review the good people at DDW sent me their complete line.

I follow DDW’s 3-step system mainly because it follows my own scent elimination ideology that I have been evolving over my 35 plus years of deer hunting.


My clothing takes me through the higher temperatures of early fall to the extreme cold of late January so I have to rely on a product that will deliver no matter what type of clothing or material I am using. DDW’s concentrated Laundry Detergent utilizes enzymes because of their deep cleaning properties, especially at lower wash temperatures. In addition to the deep cleaning the enzymes efficiently and effectively eliminates odors. I am a stickler when it comes to clean and scent free clothing, washing frequently between hunts. I usually have between two and three outfits for each time of the season depending on the weather. Frequent hunting means rotating these outfits and the use of DDW Laundry Detergent do not damage my clothes from the effects of fading. I invest a good amount in my hunting apparel and I want them to last. DDW assures me of that. Hunters will appreciate the three different offered sizes 12, 20 and 32 ounce, and since they are concentrated look for more loads per bottle compared to other water based products. After washing, I am fortunate to live in the country where I can hang my clothes in the woods. Before or between hunts my apparel is transferred to an airtight container. I find the waterproof travel bags with the roll top seal to be the most effective.

Personal Hygiene:

The key to success depends on a couple key factors and keeping your body free of odors is just as important as your clothing. Lets face it, if you smell you will not only transfer those to your clothing, but also more importantly transfer those odors to the surrounding woods or hunting area. No game in its right mind is going to stick around when alerted to odors. We need to eliminate those odors at the source and not just mask them. Dead Down Wind doesn’t offer any products to mask odor, only destroy it. My first order before I begin any hunt is to shower. I accomplish this by using DDW Body and Hair Soap with a combination of Shampoo and Conditioner. DDW utilizes natural enzymes, which are the key to destroying odors at the molecular level, changing their composition by breaking them down. What is great is that the enzymes and product formulations continue to keep working for hours after showering. From the shower I towel off and immediately apply DDW Antiperspirant before dressing.

Field Applications:

Once you arrive at your hunting destination, it is very important to continue with the scent elimination regime. This begins by never wearing your hunting apparel in your vehicle while traveling either to or from your hunting destination. This is the easiest way to ruin a hunt. Odors are entrenched in your vehicle and quickly accumulate on your clothing. That is why I recommend storing your hunting clothes in an airtight container.

The first thing I do after exiting my vehicle is use the Odorless Hand Sanitizer to eliminate any odors that transfer from the steering wheel where dirt and oils concentrate.

This is an important step and reminds me of a hunt a few years ago where scent from my hands almost cost me a gorgeous whitetail. As I was approaching my stand I pushed some brush aside. Less than an hour later I had a mature buck coming into my shooting lane. Just before entering it he was alerted to the scent while passing the brush. Luckily I had a small window and was able to slip an arrow into his boiler room before he vacated the area.

Next I undress and wipe down with Dead Down Wind’s Field Wash Cloths. After getting dressed it is then a quick spray down with Evolve 3D Field Spray. It assures me that any odor causing molecules are virtually eliminated that I may have unfortunately picked up. Now do not overlook your feet. Yes I wear rubber boots, which can cause your feet to sweat. There are over half a million sweat pores in your feet alone. That odor can escape out the top or your boots and DDW Boot and Storage Powder eliminates foot odor at the source. The great thing about it is that I also put it in my airtight storage container for my clothes. It controls moisture that is a key ingredient to odor causing bacteria. When I take my clothes out I give them a quick shake to remove any excess powder.

The Field Wash Cloths travel with me as well in my pack. That way after I hike in I can reassure myself of scent elimination with a quick wipe down, especially my face, neck and hands. The cloths use the same quality enzyme destroying technology as the 3D Field Spray.

DDW makes a number of items and all are focused on scent elimination while helping you in the field.

  •  For those gun owners, the totally odorless gun Oil extends the scent control while at the same time lubricating and protecting your firearm from the elements.
  •  The sun can take a toll on your lips; the SPF 30 Odorless Lip Balm prevents harmful elements that cause chapped lips.
  •  Speedstick Bow Wax and Rail Lube is the only bow wax safe for all types of bowstring material.
  •  4 Color Camo Wheel is a hypoallergenic face paint that has a two year life after opening
  •  Tooth Paste and Mouth Spray will cleanse the mouth while controlling oral odor while preventing dry mouth

There you have it, a fundamental system that should enable you to get close to your quarry, especially when bowhunting. Now DDW or I don’t guarantee success and that is why they call it hunting. Remember you are entering an animals surroundings but I do believe that if you combine DDW 3D Broad Spectrum with sound hunting strategies your success factor will swing a little more in your favor.

If it says Dead Down Wind on the label you know you are getting the best scent elimination product available.

Final Thoughts:

Like I relayed earlier, getting within bow range of a crafty wise old animal like a whitetail is no easy task. I do believe however, Dead Down Wind’s 3D Broad Spectrum Comprehensive Odor Control System, which destroys odors, instead of masking them will tip the odds a little more in your court. Nothing is 100 percent perfect or guaranteed; there are just too many factors that must come together to harvest a trophy animal. Scent control is a very important element and that is why I have been entrusting Dead Down Wind over the past few years and recommend it so highly.

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