Bohning Redesigns PrecoZion Quivers


Bohning Archery announces Redesigned PrecoZion target quivers!

For 2013 Bohning Archery has redesigned the PreciZion X target quivers! Rigid fabric dividers create 3 tubeless, light, quiet arrow compartments that enable you to comfortably carry up to 10 arrows (standard carbon size; more for small or extra small carbon shafts, fewer for aluminum or fat shafts).

Now constructed from tough 600 Denier nylon, the PreciZion now has 3 sizeable pockets to store anything you need on the go! Repositioned and resized pencil holders and a more user-friendly belt loop add to the convenience of this quiver, along with 2 metal D loops to easily carry and store binoculars, score card, or towel.

The PreciZion X has an audio pocket/cord port for your iPod® or MP3 player and weighs less than 14 oz. The Bohning® icon and full logo are embroidered on each PreciZion X, which is now available in 3 colors: solid black, gray with black front pocket, or black with neon green front pocket and matched logos. Right-handed models only.

The PreciZion X target quivers from Bohning Archery. Now in solid black, gray with black front pocket, and black with neon green front pocket.

MSRP: $63.09

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  1. Indrie HP Koentjoro   2013/05/06 at 8:21 pm

    prefer the Grey, please inform how I an order?
    Indrie HP Koentjoro
    Jl. Cempaka Suluki 7A, RT.05/01
    Jatibening-Pondok Gede, 17412