Phantom ZR7 Stabilizer


When you want the best stabilizer for your bow setup, try the new Phantom ZR7 with Mathews Harmonic Damping® by Xtreme Hardcore Gear…

At Xtreme Hardcore Gear we build “Gear with Attitude” and the Phantom ZR7 Stabilizer has a ton of features to go with that attitude. The ZR7 is a great stabilizer for hunting or 3D shooting. It produces the perfect combination of weight, balance, and vibration control. The base for this system is a custom wrapped, carbon fiber main tube with two adjustable dampening modules. Vibrations and noise are then squelched by a flexible rubber body called an Acoustic Control Chamber. This chamber features an integrated, urethane foam core and sports a Mathews Harmonic Damping module® to take care of even the most stubborn vibrations and noise. This control chamber is then capped off with a head weight decorated in camo or a carbon fiber film dip to finish the job. This is one Bad Ass stabilizer with a little attitude to go with its looks and performance.

Tech info:
Length: 8 inches
Weight: 10 oz.
Finishes: Carbon Fiber, Lost Camo®, or Lost AT Camo®

MSRP $74.95

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One Response to "Phantom ZR7 Stabilizer"

  1. Mark   2013/05/04 at 7:15 pm

    seems quite heavy for a stabilizer, isn’t 10 oz. a little on the high end of things?