Brighten Your Peep Sight Visibility In Low Light Conditions with GLOWPEEP


Glowpeep, a new manufacturer to the shooting industry, is introducing a new innovative bowstring peep sight.

The Glowpeep idea came from Glopeep President/Owner, Shannon Julian. It was always a concern to bowhunters, that in the low light conditions of a hunting blind, or in heavily wooded areas, or in early morning hours, or hunting at dusk, and in foggy conditions, one loses the outline of the peep sight. Shannon, experiencing many of these problems, began to research and field test various glow in the dark applications. Folowing two years of lengthy study, experiments, and testing, The Glowpeep archery peep sight was created.

Glowpeeps are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum for reliability by proven manufacture Jim Fletcher Archery. The peeps are anodized for metal protection, then coated with Glowpeep’s luminescent technology.

With only a two minute charge from a bright LED light of 60 lumens, or a full charge from direct sunlight, the peep can yield up to a 12 hour glow. The Glowpeep’s glow is especially bright after a charge, but within minutes adjusts to a dim glow, ideal to the shooter’s eye. You’ll maintain target visual and never struggle to find your peep again. Glowpeeps are available in 3/16”, 7/32” or 1/4” diameter apertures and come in glow green, glow orange or glow pink colors.

When asked about the Glowpeep Warranty, owner Shannon Julian said, “At Glowpeep we understand customer service, satisfaction and appreciation. We strive to provide the very best for our customers. Our warranty is simple, should a Glowpeep ever chip or fail to illuminate, Glowpeep will repair or replace it free of charge.”

For more information on Glowpeep, their illuminating apertures, and to view a Glowpeep demonstration, visit the website at; or call Glowpeep at: 210-491-2399.