Tru-Fire Offers New Hardcore 4 Finger Release Aid

TRU-FIRE continues it’s tradition of excellence in innovative, user friendly products for the archer with the introduction of its new Hardcore 4 Finger Release Aid.

The new Hardcore 4 Finger Release utilizes features from the extremely popular Hardcore wrist models like Tru-Fire’s Silent Auto Closing Jaw and Zero Trigger Travel. Additional features include a Three Position Pin location which allows the user to easily adjust trigger pressure from 6, 24 & 50 ounces without ever changing springs. The handy ‘Loop Retainer’ bolts onto the handle in seconds and allows the user to leave the release attached to the loop while hunting. Also included with teh Hardcore 4 Finger Release is an adjustable, removable lanyard making it easy and convenient to keep the release with you at all times. the Hardcore 4 Finger Release is also American Made.

Tru-Fire is the world’s largest release manufacturer because they design releases with features that are useful and unique. Tru-Fire Releases are 100% American made (including the strap) and carry a  Lifetime Warranty. If you are looking for the best Release Aids made today the reasons all point to a Tru-Fire Release.

For more please go to: Tru-Fire Corporation