Knight & Hale Snuff Can Call Holder

Most turkey call manufacturers use blister packs to display their diaphragm calls, but once you tear open the package, what do you do with the calls?

Now, Knight and Hale Game Calls has the perfect answer to that question. A unique package that doubles as a carrying case in the field.  This case resembles a “snuff can”, but the inside is ventilated to allow the calls to breathe.  This design insures that your calls are fresh and ready to use when the time is right.  A metal lid is embossed with the Knight and Hale logo to top off the package.

The case pack is designed to either sit on a counter top or hang on a peg.  The “cans” are dispensed by simply pulling them through a slot in the bottom of the case pack.

For more information contact: Knight & Hale Game Calls, (256)353-0634;