African Wildlife Capture & Big Cat Photo Safari


There are two open spots for this year’s African Wildlife Capture/Big Cat Photo Safari. The 13 day safari is led by wildlife biologist Wade Nolan.

We will participate in wild game capture with helicopters/capture trucks and dart guns.

Big Cats are the focus as we explore South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The safari’s last two spots are discounted $1000. Now only $4995 for  July 15th-28th, 2013. It’s a true adventure that is beneficial to the wildlife of Africa.

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Zebras at a watering hole in Kruger National Park.
This giraffe has been captured by our team. It is now being relocated in a reserve and released. Our team has helped wildlife vets capture Rhino, Cape buffalo, antelope and wildebeest.
We often hear lions roaring from the safety of our fenced compound. Their voices make the campfires special. These lionesses are on the hunt.
Kruger is the biggest international wildlife park in the world. It hosts over 15,000 elephants. The biggest herd we have observed was 54. Photo opportunities for the Big 5 occurs daily.