Inside A Deer’s Eye

Yep, you read right, the title of this article is “Inside A Deer’s Eye.” And it’s show and tell time as my friend Wade Nolan dissects a whitetail doe’s eye and shows us the parts inside … and tells us what they do. And it’s all on his video Deer Eye for us to see and learn about.

Wade has an organ donor volunteer for this project.

Here is the whitetail deer’s eye. It is similar to our eyes. And also not similar. Wade is pointing at the area that would be the pupil of a human eye. But there are two major differences between, what our pupil is and does, compared to what a deer’s is and does. Do you know what they are?

This is the Lens of the deer’s eye. It’s clear and that affects the deer’s vision in some important ways. Did you know that our Lens is not clear! So why are they different? (It’s a very big deal.)

In his video, Deer Eye, Wade shows you the parts of the eye and explains what these parts do and how they effect a whitetail’s vision. This video answered a lot of questions that I had about whitetail vision. For instance, I was surprised to learn that a deer can see 300 degrees around him/her. I also learned, and was very surprised to know how detailed the objects in that 300 degrees are! And how good is a deer’s close up and distance vision … for real?

We all know that whitetail’s can see at night. But how good can they actually see?

Around we call Wade Nolan the Bowhunting Biologist, because, well, he is. Wade has put the most informative information I’ve ever seen and it’s all on video, which helps us understand why deer see the way they do, how differently they see than how we see, and how we can use this info to be more effective. This video is full of useful information for us bowhunters and deerhunters.

To the video Deer Eye.