Bowhunting Super Show – the line up

March 8 – 10: Cleveland OH.

It’s finally here – a megashow dedicated entirely to bowhunting! My name is Stan Chiras and I’m no stranger to this industry. I brought the archery-only show concept to our industry in 1990 with the first Bowhunting Trade Show. I also started Archery Industry Magazine (AIM), was an active outdoor writer during the ’90’s, an endorser of products and have been, and I am to this day, a dedicated and lifelong bowhunter. Bowhunting has been in my blood since I got my first bow, a fiberglass longbow somewhere around 1956. We didn’t have any deer where I lived back then, but plentiful populations of rabbits, squirrels, birds and woodchucks fed my passion just fine. In the mid 1980’s I entered the industry as the inventor and manufacturer of Vantage Point Treestands; which led me to eventually start the Bowhunting Trade Show. After selling the show to the industry, it remained apparent that what we still lacked was a show just for bowhunters. So now this dream has become a reality! The concept of an archery-only show is totally unique; so the manufacturers will enjoy meeting hordes of serious archers and bowhunters in a way never seen before. We bowhunters will finally get a chance to experience the vast scope of this vibrant industry. And believe me, it is a huge industry, with over 900 companies!

An evening forum program will feature some of bowhuntings’ most famous names; such as Chuck Adams, Fred Eichler, Dan Perez, John Musacchia, and Gene Wensel, to name a few. The forums will be primarily a Q&A format, to assure active audience participation; followed by autograph sessions with some of bowhunting’s greats. A “Women in Bowhunting” forum is also planned, moderated by experienced bowhunter Michele Eichler, formerly of Muzzy Broadheads. A traditional forum will be staged for hunters wishing to expand their awareness and challenge level in the sport.

Ample shooting booths will provide opportunities to enjoy the hands-on experience. We all know that nothing beats actually trying new bows, and the Bowhunting Supershow will provide opportunities for an endless array of equipment – from longbows to recurves to compounds to crossbows and every imaginable accessory – to be tried out firsthand. It doesn’t get any better than that!

My Bowhunting Trade Shows were always run with a down-home, family atmosphere which served the industry well; leading to the events’ incredible success and popularity. The Show was eventually sold to the industry trade organization (now called ATA) and the dream of a similar show for bowhunters has become a reality. The Bowhunting Supershow promises to become one of the most exciting events in the history of our great sport.


3D Peepsight
AP Outdoor Products
Archery Tag
Archery Tooling Bow Press
Arrow Precision
Athens Archery
Bad Boy Buggies
BCY Fibers
Bear Archery
Bear Track Outfitters
Big Game Safaris
Big Oak Hunting Paradise
Blinded Hunting
Bloodhound Brand
Bloodsport Arrows
Bowhook Sling
Britesitepro Tuner
Brothers of the Bow
Buckeye Archery Bow Press
Cam X Crossbows
Campbell Cameras
Carters Outdoors
Catch-A-Dream/Valley View Hunt Club
Cedar Ridge Leatherworks
Chuck Adams Bowhunting
Classic Sportsman
Copper John Sights
Covert Scouting Cameras
Cranky Tree Products
Crossbow Connection Magazine
Custom Bow Equipment
Dryad Bows
Duel Game Calls
Elite Archery
Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Fred Eichler’s Video Store
G5 Broadheads
Gator Grip
Grow The Bone
Hankes Hunts
Harpole’s Heartland Lodge
Hartcraft Broadheads
Heartland Camo
Heartland Wildlife Institute
Helle Knives
Hickory Creek Bows
High Country Archery
Hill Country Bows
Infinito Bowhunting Safaris
Invite Xtreme Wildlife Systems
Jackies Deer Lures
Jana Waller’s Skullbound Television
Kodabow Crossbows
Limbsaver Archery
Mainley Adventures Lodge
Mike Mitten Books
Millenium Treestands
Molopo Kalahari Safaris
Muddy Outdoors
National Bowhunters Association
Nerepis Lodge Hunting
New Breed Archery
New Life Targets
NM Professional Big Game Hunting
Obsession Archery
OK Archery Bow Mfg. of Germany
Ol’ Man Treestands
Oneida Archery
Patten Hunting Lodge
Perfect Form Mfg.
Perry’s No Peep Sight
Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America
Prime Bows
Ramcat Broadheads
Rocket Broadheads
Roger Raglin
Ross Archery
Scott Releases
Shattuck Creek Outfitters
Shoonbee Safaris
Simple Shot Shooting Sports
Sky Archery
Slay Odor Neutralizer
Smokin Rack Products
Solid Broadheads
Sparrow Designs/Spinrite
Spikepress Bow Press
Steady Form Outdoors
Stevens Archery
Streamline Archery Innovations
Striker Bows
Tag N Brag
Tag Out
Tall Tines Archery
Third Hand Archery
TNT Bows
Tree Stand Buddy
Trophy Hunters Lodge
Trophy Ridge
Trophy Tagger
Vapor Trail
Voodoo Archery
Walnut Grove Hunting Products
Wicked Tree Gear
Winchester Archery
Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings
Wolf Broadheads/Schmeisser Archery
Woodsey Too Treestands


The Big Game Forum:

Come in and sit down in an intimate setting with some of bowhunting’s most experienced experts. Ask them anything you want about hunting any of the big game species in North America. Both Chuck and Fred have completed the Super Slam, all 29 species. As you know Chuck was the first person to ever do it with a bow and subsequently coined the term “Super Slam”. Mike Mitton, our third panelist, wrote the book “One With The Wilderness” about solo wilderness hunting. His perspective will prove unique and invaluable to all. Our most recent addition, Bob Fromme is a total big game expert and someone you’ll want to hear! These experts provide a wealth of information regarding any species you may wish to someday hunt. Ask them, chances are they know!

Bob Fromme
Chuck Adams
Fred Eichler
Mike Mitten

The Outdoor Videography Forum:

Campbell Cameras is proud to present this forum, hosted by Jeremy Leu, co-host of the Campbell Outdoor Challenge and also GM of Campbell Cameras. He will be joined by Tom Petry, owner of Drop Tine Productions. Tom brings on bowhunters who want to be part of a team to be involved in the art of filming wildlife and hunts. Tim Burnett is from Solo Hunters. From Tim’s perspective, “Too many shows nowadays get caught up in the need to show kill, kill, kill. I hope SOLO is different in that respect. I want people to remember the 30-minute adventure they just watched. Not just the horns in hand at the end of it all.” This is a must for everyone who dreams of filming their own hunt, or entering into the world of filming hunts for videos or television.

Jeremy Leu
Jim Kinsey
Tim Burnett
Tom Petry

The Women’s Forum:

More and more women are getting into the sport of archery. The challenges they face are more than for men. From field safety, to handling heavy gear, to dragging a deer out of the woods women are faced with a more difficult road to become seasoned bowhunters. This forum will be made up of women who’ve done it on their own. Women interested in entering the sport will be able to ask how they did it, and how they overcame the many challenges they have faced.

Jana Waller
Kelly Heard
Keri Butt
Mia Anstine
Michele Eichler

The Traditional Forum:

Being a stickbow bowhunter is the most challenging way to bowhunt. The range is closer, necessitating more hunting skills, and the requirements for practice are greater. But so are the rewards. Meet these seasoned traditional hunters and learn from their extreme dedication to the sport they love so much. Gene and Barry Wensel go without saying, true icons of the sport. John Musacchia is a diehard stickbow hunter and the star of Muzzy’s Bad to the Bone TV series. Brian Wessel is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, as the owner of Tall Tines Traditional Archery. Look into this amazing and rewarding method of bowhunting, you’ll find it both mystical and intriguing – and the equipment is pure artwork!

Barry Wensel
Brian Wessel
Gene Wensel
John Musacchia
Mike Mitten

The Whitetail Forum:

Whitetails are everybody’s game, and these guys have gone a long way in mastering the techniques necessary to harvest these elusive creatures. Our panelists represent various approaches to chasing whitetails, and among them have taken countless animals all across the U.S. This forum is directed at hunting Whitetails, not farming for them on your property, so ask about scouting and hunting techniques which relate to your hunting opportunities.

Barry Wensel
Dan Perez
Gene Wensel
Mike Wheeler
Roger Raglin
Ron Osborne

If you love bowhunting, your friends or family love bowhunting, if you are thinking about bowhunting, if you wonder what bowhunting is – You can’t miss this opportunity.  Stan Chiras’ Bowhunting Super Show

One Response to "Bowhunting Super Show – the line up"

  1. Yvonne Harkless   2013/03/10 at 11:11 am

    We attended the show on Saturday…..had a great time all around meeting the professionals, celebrities andshaking hands with American entrepeneurs! I learned so much, and will make some purchases this year from some of the vendors (will have to save up for a couple higher priced items). I was able to shoot a few different bows and it helped that the bowers were there to assist/teach! I was even given a climbing tree stand lesson!
    Thank you for this event!!! And the location is great!!!