Skull Bound TV Season 2 Launch

Skull Bound TV is proud to announce an even bigger bolder Season 2 starting January 2nd 2013 Primetime Wednesday “Big Game Night” beginning at 8:30PM and 11:30PM EST along with a 9:30AM EST Friday morning slot. Skull Bound TV puts women center stage as host Jana Waller brings a unique look to the world of hunting programming by tying in conservation, her unique skull designs and the interesting characters she encounters through her adventures.

Episode 1 finds Jana in close contact with creatures from another planet while she seeks out free-ranging aoudad near Roswell, New Mexico. Next up Jana embarks on a double Montana mountain lion hunt that leaves Cameraman Jimmy and his guide Ben face to face with two of North America’s deadliest predators. The adventure continues with Jana’s direct involvement with an on going 3-year elk study following lead biologists in Montana’s Bitterroot valley to get the facts on why the elk calf survival rate is at an all time low.

Off to Oklahoma, Jana’s obsession for skulls only grows stronger after a tour of ‘Skulls Unlimited’, the world’s largest skull cleaning facility featuring over 300 skulls in their museum nestled in America’s Heartland. Bound for prehistoric river monsters Jana hooks one of North America’s strangest looking fish while battling a blown out river and dangerous debris.

Passionate about passing on our hunting heritage Jana mentors 10 yr old Taylor Wohlers in a quest for Taylor’s first big game animal.

North to Alaska the duo search for costal black bears in a show that will touch your heart and leave you wanting more from this epic two part series.

In episode 9 the elusive Rocky Mountain elk has left Jana eating tag soup for the last three years until now as her quest for a public land elk comes to fruition with an incredible spot and stalk hunt on the eve of Halloween. Mountain Cur dogs outsmart their fellow canine friends as Jana meets up with the ‘Montana Doggers’ in Eastern Montana and discovers a new technique in hunting the wily coyote.

Next on the docket Jana heads to the backwaters of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin where she and Dave Mahlke wade in the same stretch of water where nearly 50 duck hunts lost their lives during the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940. Dave recalls first hand stories from his grandfather who was on the river that tragic day. Montana antelope, Kansas whitetail, Oregon mule deer, giant Louisiana blue cats and other incredible adventures make their debut on season 2 of Skull Bound TV.

Jana’s ‘bone-afied’ artwork adds a “human interest piece” in each episode as many of her skull designs are donated to the biggest names in conservation raising money that goes right back into our environment. Skull Bound has partnered with the countries largest conservation groups for season 2 including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, NWTF, and SCI to bring you the new lineup of “Conservation Minutes” that are guaranteed to educate the viewer on the many faces of conservation.

Tune in every week to watch award-winning Kinsey HD Productions merge the natural world, unique skull designs, and conservation messages with heart-pounding hunting adventures lead by host Jana Waller.

Catch Skull Bound TV starting Wednesdays 8:30PM and 11:30PM EST on The Sportsman Channel’s “BIG GAME Wednesday” night block.