Last Day For Doe Season

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Sunday: Jan 20

Morning Hunt: Today is the last day of the extended doe season. We just finished drinking coffee and it’s time to go out to our stands. Billy Don went home and Timm and Robbie are still here.

I went to the ground blind near one of the Scrape Watch sites. Timm Getts and Robbie Cramer are at the Hammer Hole and Double Cross. Last night Justin Red got here and he hunted also.

At first good light 2 does walked through in front of me but were a few steps out of bow range. Soon after a doe came from the north and walked in my direction.

It turned out that the doe had a button with it. At its closest, I needed the big doe 10 yds closer but it didn’t happen. Before long I saw 3 does in the trees to the north they were traveling east to west. I stayed for two more hours but no more deer came into my area.

Meanwhile, Timm saw 7 deer and drew on a big doe. But another doe snorted and they all dispersed before Timm got his shot off. Robbie zipped at Double Cross.

Justin saw a monster 10-point and an nice 8-point. The 8-pt was in perfect shooting position 15 yard from Justin. But in this extended doe season bucks are not legal. Justin also saw a spike buck and two does. He had quite the morning hunt.

After their morning hunts Timm and Robbie gathered their gear and returned home.

Afternoon Hunt: This was the absolute last stand for the extended doe season. I got out late. Deer showed up in the woods along the gulch. There were 3. One started coming in my general direction. The others followed. It was 2 does and a button head.

They stopped and watched something I couldn’t see that was to the south west.

A deer can change direction any time and the one in the front did.

They walked out of sight to the south east. They were the last deer I saw.

Justin and I were the only bowhunters this afternoon. Justin zipped.


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