Bowfishing Between the Banks

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Join AMS Bowfishing and our very own H2O Junkies, as they take you with then Between the Banks with over 75 minutes of Non-Stop, Adrenaline Pumping Excitement! Between the Banks is filled with exciting adventure all across North America in search of invasive species in the water ways! This DVD captures the H2O Junkies in action after everything from Common Carp to Alligator and we even take a trip to Africa in pursuit of an African Crocodile! Feel the pull on the line as the water splashes your face, hang on for the ride of a lifetime as we take you bowfishing, Between the Banks.

DVD Features
• Common Carp in Wisconsin and South Dakota
• Women Hunters in Wisconsin after Spawning Buffalo Carp
• Illinois Silver Carp and Kentucky Bighead Carp
• Tennessee and Kentucky Grass Carp
• Texas Alligator Gar
• Delaware Stingrays
• Tournament action covering the AMS Bowfishing Big 30 and Campbells Challenge
• Florida Alligators
• African Crocodile
Bonus Content
• South Dakota Salmon Bowfishing
• Bowfishing with Drake Taylor in Wisconsin
• Take a Kid bowfishing events in Kentucky and Indiana
This is an action packed DVD you don’t want to miss!

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One Response to "Bowfishing Between the Banks"

  1. Tim   2013/01/24 at 6:51 am

    This is an awesome video!!!! This is by far the most action packed a well put together bowfishing video I have ever seeen.