Miller at Mathews Show

Report from the Field: Jim Miller

This is the Second day at Wisc. Dells, Wi.  and the Fifth Mathews Retailer Show and no Snow!  you folks will not believe this but for the past two  years we have had no Snow!  Prior to that it snowed every show.

The Morning started out with seeing lots of folks that I have known in the Archery Industry stopping and visiting in the Resturant and in the Dome!

Dealers:  Saw and visited with Freddie Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports out of Tinley Park, IL. Fred and I go back  35 years to the days  and the Clinton, IN. 3-D Shoot.  A lot of years have passed under the bridge since those early days!  Plus I also got to visit with John Larson out of Minneapolis, a long time archery dealer, then ran into Arron Weiss out of Arkansas and we of course talked about bow hunting Big Whitetails, and also saw Charlie and his wife who have an Archery Shop in Conroe, Tx.  I know I’m missing some other folks that are dealers and I do apologize if I missed to mention those friends

Reps:  ran into some of the old reps, Mike Burgeron, lord I hope I did not butcher his name, first met Mike in a Point Sporting Goods in Stevens Point, Wi.  also  Keith Haggan both of these great salesmen work for the great Mike Wiick of Mike Wiick Sales, one of the oldest Rep Groups in the Industry.  Also shared a few laughs with Bill Gartland Sr & Jr. of Gartland & Assoc.  I’m sure I have missed some of the reps of years past.

I also ran into several friends like Jeff Millar from Bowhunter Magazine, and Larry Hoyt another ole time rep who is always full of it.  Keith Jennings, who I can not go another moment and not mention this Salesman who has been an active part of the Archery Industry for years.  Keith had his own Rep Group in the  70’s and 80’s on the East Coast and then  worked for RealTree as a Licensing agent for Bill Jordan.  Keith then moved on  to Mathews as their V.P. of Licenses and a major contributor of the design of “Lost Camo”.   Along the way I also got to visit with Tom Miranda,  Stan Potts, Dave Watson, all stand outs in the  industry.  As you can gather the Mathews Retailers Show is the place to be to see, celebrities, long time dealers, reps and the latest and greatest new products for 20112/13.

New Products that really stood out for me include Firenocks, new arrow rest, vanes, and cell phone sight, a real jewel of technology.  Mossberg  now in “Lost Camo” on some of their Shotguns and they also have added the Harmonic dampeners to their shotgun stocks. A great idea for the shotgunner,  Brunton Optics had several new items that really stood out in their rechargable systems, small and very efficient plus they have the best optics on the market, dollar for dollar.  This seemed to be the year of new arrow rests, Axion Archery has an amazing new shoot-through arrow rest that is self retracting.  Shaffer Archery also has a new arrow rest and it’s really neat, just to name a few of the new arrow rest on the market at the Mathews Retailer Show.

Tuesday evening, was a wrap up of one segment of the Mathew’s Dealer Show with the Banquet and an excellent meal of Cordon Blu with all of the trimmings. Seated at our table we had Chris Watson @ Watson Air Lock bags, Joe Huettl from Game Hide Clothing and Blake Kidder, Pro Staffer with Tex Mex Outdoors and Archery Manager for Wheeler Outfitters in Boerne,Texas along with a bunch of other dedicated bowhunters and Retailers, folks that were great to be around. The evening entertainment was Mike Rayburn, and this gentleman is a hall of famer who can absolutely play a McPherson Guitar! The ultimate was when he played “The Devil went down to Georgia” on his McPherson Guitar and playing both parts Unbelievable If you ever have the opportunity to see this gentleman in concert or pick up one of his many CD’s it’s worth it!

After the Banquet, Mathews hosted a one arrow shoot using a Genesis bow and shooting at the Iron Buck, if you shot thru the hole of the Iron Buck you won $50.00 and advanced to the next round the final winner was Debbie Dupree from Ed’s Archery

Dealers: I was able to visit with a large number of Dealer/Retailers who attended the Show and without exception all were very pleased with the new bows and the great deals they were able to put together for their customers, plus they were also able to do a lot of shopping at other new vendors who were at the show. All of the Mathews Retailers I visited were very upbeat and looking forward to 2013.

Vendors: I also visited with a large number of Vendors who are licensed to sell “Lost Camo” and they advised this was a great show especially due to the weather being very good with record setting temperatures, sunshine days and cool nights. Perfect weather for going to a show, traveling and of course some great amenities at the Chula Vista Resort.

Chula Vista Resort: Folks let me tell you Mike Kaminski and company put on one heck of a program for the Mathews Retailers, if you have not ever been to Chula Vista Resort, in Wisconsin Dells, WI. you owe it to yourself and your family to go there whether attending the Mathews Retailers Show or just for a vacation. There is great golfing, swimming, water park, fishing and hunting in the area and luxurious accommodations. If you like to eat the Las Vegas Style, Market Fresh Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinners you are going to love the food. For those who prefer a more elegant dining experience you can check out the “Kaminsik Chop House”. check out the Chula Vista Resort.

All in all, this fifth (5th) year of The Mathews Retailers Show was another huge success. I do look forward to seeing y’all in the coming year.

Buena Caceria / Good Hunting:

Via Con Dios

Jim Miller