DANCE with DEATH For Christmas

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These are difficult weeks for guys. We hate the malls but we must somehow get those Christmas presents for dads, uncles, co-workers and kids. I for one put it off until the last day…then everything is sold out. Well, there is good news for you.

If the Christmas present-free person your thinking about enjoys the outdoors, hunts, fishes or enjoys adventure, here is a suggestion. Buy them the newly released life and death adventure book by Wade Nolan. It’s titled, Death Dance. Nolan is passionate about exploring wild places. His background as a biologist, bowhunter, filmmaker and adventurer collide in the pages of Death Dance. Nolan is a gifted and talented storywriter.

Hear Wade Nolan read an exert from his exciting book Death Dance. CLICK HERE

Wade’s trail has led from Alaska’s Arctic (where he once lived) to the sands of Africa’s Kalahari where he captured true stories of life and death. His writing lifted from a lifetime of journals carry the chilling voice of lions roaring in the night, splintering ice from a calving glacier or wolves howling at the arctic sun.

The easy to read and hard to put down book is a compilation of 18 true life and death stories where the hero often shows up dead. These stories rival Capstick’s Death Series and include the primal voice of both Alaska and Africa. Wade Nolan has spoken to audiences in over 290 cities where audiences fall under the spell of his storytelling–as will you. It’s Merry Christmas made easy.
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ORDER NOW: $25 includes postage and handling. 2-3 day delivery. for credit card/PayPal orders via

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NOTE: I have read this book and all I can say is, if you like adventure, like reading about close brushes with death in the wild told by one of today’s greatest storytellers you are going to want to add this book to your library. I love reading the death struggles and near death experiences that pit man against nature and Wade tells each one in a way that will put you there. This book will enthrall you, captivate you and I can attest to the fact that once you start this book, you will not want to put it down. It’s the perfect Christmas gift but be sure and get one for yourself.  Rich Walton