Bear Archery Products Unleashes 5 new Bows for 2013

This past week Bear Archery revealed their lineup for 2013, five brand new top-end bows and five reasons that make Bear Archery the hottest bow company out there. The climb to the top all started six years ago with the successful launch of the Truth bow, and it has been up hill ever since, completely out-doing themselves each year and gaining the kind of momentum that has the competition feeling nervous. This year’s launch is all about super performance; top-end bows and includes the launch of the brand new Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System which is featured on three of the five bows.

“This is going to be a big year for Bear, there is absolutely no question that this new line up of bows is the fastest, yet the smoothest shooting bows on the market. We have a bow for everyone out there and the consumer does not have to make sacrifices getting what they want, not on the draw cycle, the shot or their bank account”, stated Jack Bowman, President of Bear Archery.

Each year, bow companies launch what is considered a flagship bow, this year Bear launched five including 3 Hybrid Cam bows and 2 single cams that range from $599 – $899.


– The Motive 6 is the fastest bow in the line up with an IBO speed rating of 350 fps. This bow sits on a very comfortable 32” axle to axle length coupled with a 6” brace height and features the all new Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System. The Motive 6 retails for $899.


– Want speed and forgiveness? Here you go, the Motive 7 comes with forgiving 7” brace height, 32” axle to axle length and is powered by the Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System that will send an arrow down range at a 340 fps IBO speed rating. The Motive 7 retails for $899


– Bear Archery for years has been known for smooth, quiet and smoking fast single cam bows, and this year is no exception with the introduction of the all new Bear Empire. At a 32” axle to axle length, 7” brace height and 330 FPS speed rating the new Bear Empire will leave you speechless after the shot. The Empire retails for $849.


– Speed doesn’t have to cost you, not at the cash register and certainly not on the draw cycle. The all new Bear Method retailing at $649 gives you every ounce of top-end performance at an incredible price. The Method is 33” axle to axle and boasts a forgiving 6.75” brace height and shoots an incredible 340 fps IBO rating.


– Bear’s philosophy of bringing value and performance in the same package to the consumer continues this year with the brand new and smartly priced $599 Bear Domain bow. The E3 Single Cam is housed on a 33” axle to axle length and has a 7” brace height and shoots an IBO speed rating of 322 fps. The Domain is every bit the performer the other bows are, with technology and innovation that leaves money in your pocket.

“Bows have already begun shipping and are already available at many dealers that took advantage of our 2013 preview program. So far the response to the product line has been overwhelming, which is a trend we expect to continue as our sales reps make their way into the shops this fall”, said Jeff Pease, National Sales Manager with Bear Archery.

The Motive 6, Motive 7 and Empire bows are available in the following finishes: Realtree, Realtree AP Snow/Black, Shadow Series Black, Red/Black and Green/Black.

The Method bow is available in Realtree and Shadow Series Black.

The Domain is available in Realtree only.

Both Method and Domain bows are available in an RTH package featuring Trophy Ridge Accessories.
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