HECS STEALTHSCREEN – The Future of Hunting?

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By: Kevin Reese

Bowhunters playing the wind, wearing camo, controlling scent… and controlling our electromagnetic field. electromagnetic field? Who knew? Mike Slinkard and the researchers of HECS, LLC knew!

If you told me we had to worry about electromagnetic fields or that HECS actually worked to control them I would have said you were crazy. Does our EM energy spook game animals? No way! I was a skeptic through and through. The truth is I had never given it much thought until friend, Rich Walton, of Bowhunting.net asked me to give the HECS STEALTHSCREEN suit a try. While I already had a closet full of hunting clothes the idea behind HECS STEALTHSCREEN intrigued me so I agreed and a week later the suit was on my doorstep.

As a matter of consideration, I have hunted big game for years, elk, mule deer and whitetails as well as hogs and other predatory animals. Looking back over hunt after hunt one thing I recognized was that the closer animals got, the more they seemed skittish and guarded. I never understood why. I played the wind, followed a rigorous routine of scent control, stayed off trails and snuck into position well before go-time. Can you relate? Have you ever sat motionless and undetected only to have deer or other game animals seem increasingly jumpy as they neared your position? Perhaps those animals do smell us; perhaps they saw us or something near us that made them uncomfortable or; perhaps they sensed us, maybe sensed our EM energy.

I’m not a scientist and have never claimed to be. I really don’t understand EM energy, how it works, how it travels or how it could be sensed. I have also never claimed to be an expert on animal senses or just how powerful those senses can really be although I do claim to know quite a bit about feral hogs. What I do know is that I’ve tried the HECS STEALTHSCREEN suit. I’ve worn it in ground blinds and in treestands under my hunting clothes and it seems to work. Could it simply be that HECS works much like a placebo, tricking me into a calmer, more clandestine state or is there more to it than that?  The truth is, I don’t know. As science goes, it was always the science that I had a problem with in school. However, I do know that the HECS research team headed by President Mike Slinkard has spent years researching and testing the EM energy fields we produce and how it relates to the game we hunt.

HECS President Mike Slinkard with more proof HECS STEALTHSCREEN is effective.

Every living creature produces and gives off an electronic field.  HECS suits were specifically designed to block this electromagnetic field. By weaving a composite of 14-percent conductive, activated carbon yarn (great for scent control) and 86-percent polyester (lightweight and breathable) into a grid based on the Faraday Cage principle, the HECS STEALTHSCREEN suit blocks and absorbs your EM Field. To support this patented technology (there are now 3 issued patent on HECS technology, Slinkard and his team have conducted and witnessed numerous tests using Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) meters that prove HECS STEALTHSCREEN really does block a vast majority of the EM energy emanating from our bodies. And, given that science has already proven our heartbeats and muscle movement are the result of tiny pulses of electrical current, there may be some truth to the idea that your buck of a lifetime “Must have heard my heart coming out of my chest” or “Those big boys have a sixth sense”.

HECS STEALTHSCREEN suits have stirred quite a bit of controversy in the bowhunting world. HECS has been accused of ‘Snake oil sales’ and being ‘just another gimmick’ by scores of closed-minded hunters, especially within our bowhunting ranks. While I began my own field testing as a skeptic (there’s a big difference between skepticism and a closed mind), by the end of my study I was a believer! Did it successfully block part or all of my EM field? I honestly couldn’t tell you. My testing had nothing to do with EMR meters and everything to do with closing the distance and observing the nature of animals within close range.

Every veteran bowhunter has scratched their head a time or two while wondering what it was, exactly, that caused their failed opportunity. Those same questions have bounced around the interior of my skull more often than not, it seems, but since wearing HECS those experiences have ceased to exist. While my heart still begins to race when deer, turkeys and hogs invade my personal space, I do seem much more relaxed, confident and in control of the adrenaline coursing through my body; perhaps a placebo-like effect but what if this physiological change in me is a direct result of blocked EM field and calmer animals in front of me? Call me a sucker I suppose but I observed calmer animals much more often and at closer ranges than ever before during my field test.

From last spring through the beginning of our 2012 fall season, I’ve been within five yards, on numerous occasions, of turkeys, hogs and deer. Two weeks ago, immediately after scoring on a doe that ventured to within 30 feet of me, a young buck sauntered to within 10 feet and never spooked. The following afternoon I culled a buck feeding not more than 15 yards from me. His body language made it clear he suspected nothing. Again, I was wearing HECS as an under layer. Am I science-minded enough to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the HECS earned assist points by blocking EM field? No, I do not. But, what I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that since I began wearing HECS, animals are definitely calmer and I’ve gotten a lot closer. Does this support the HECS claim? Based on this year’s experiences I believe it does and as a result HECS has found its way into my regular hunting gear.

HECS now comes in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity camouflage and includes a long sleeve shirt, pants and laser cut head cover. Learn more about HECS by visiting www.hecsllc.com. Purchases can be made on HECS’ website or from other dealers. A list of dealers is also located on the HECS website. The MSRP for a HECS  STEALTHSCREEN suit is $149. Order according to your regular t-shirt size.

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Bowhunter Matt Liliquist took this nice trophy wearing HECS.

No question animals sense electromagnetic radiation, and we give such radiation off our bodies.


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HECS clothing is designed to block a hunter’s EM field.
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