AAE Pro Max Vanes for 3-D Or Mechanical Heads

Arizona Archery’s Pro Max Vanes-Advanced Design for 3-D Or Mechanical Heads

Arizona Archery Enterprises, the leader in arrow making component technology and a history in manufacturing the world’s finest most accurate vanes, now introduces its new Pro Max vanes.

AAE’s new Pro Max vanes have been specifically designed and tested to be the perfect size vane for 3-D competitors or for bowhunters using mechanical broadheads. AAE used the superior design of the Max Hunter vanes, but scaled them down to accommodate improved bow and cable clearance. Pro Max vanes are made of AAE’s super tough Max material for rigidity, strength and durability. The new Pro Max is a 1.7 inches long by .460 high profile vane, tested by professional tournament shooters and by some of today’s most recognized bowhunters around the world. Like all AAE vanes, the Pro Max vanes have a primer activator applied during the manufacturing for the very strongest arrow adhesion. The new Pro Max vanes are available in eight colors; Black, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, Sunset Gold, White and Yellow.

For more information on Arizona Archery Enterprise’s new Pro Max Vanes, WAV Vanes, Max Hunter Vanes, AAE’s advanced formulated adhesives, arrow cleaners and their complete line of precision arrow rests for tournament shooters and bowhunters, please visit them at www.arizonaarchery.com or shop at Amazon below!