Wild Hog Down – Moo Cow to Blame


The Moo Cow Slipcover is the latest addition to the SLIP System, an innovative stalking blind/ decoy/ trekking pole.

Said one customer, “Personally, in the last couple of weeks, I have been able to walk within 15 yards of wild turkeys, and within 30 yards of several blacktails, while using the Moo Cow as a “shield”.”

The Elk Mountain Moo Cow is the only Commercial Moo Cow decoy in a natural, “feeding in” position.

Within days of receiving the newly released Moo Cow Decoy Slipcover from Elk Mountain Gear, Kelly Andersen was able to seal the deal on this great hog down in South Florida.

It is amazingly effective, and if the wind is right, you can slowly “feed” your way in on deer, turkeys, pigs, antelope, elk, and waterfowl. It also doubles as a shooting rest, and a camera mount, and can easily be converted into a treestand umbrella.

Happy hunter Kelly Andersen with his wild hog, compliments of the dangerous Moo Cow.

Several of our customers have requested a “shoot through” model in the last couple of years, and I was easily able to modify the SLIP System using an inexpensive solution. You can read about it here in this video article:

The World’s Most Dangerous Moo Cow

The Moo Cow Decoy Slipcover is now available at select retailers and at www.elkmtngear.com