Tree Spider Micro Harness and LIVEWIRE Descent System

Tree Spider has re-invented safety from the ground up with the revolutionary Micro Harness. Its low profile design makes it small, light and easier to use, while keeping a hunter comfortable, confident and mobile. With adjustable leg and shoulder straps it’s a snap to use, quick and quiet connecting, and with machined aluminum leg buckles rated to 4,000 pounds, the hunter is secured.

Tree Spider™ Micro Harness™ and LIVEWIRE™ Descent System work
together for low profile hunter treestand safety.

Most hunting accidents happen when climbing into and descending from a treestand. With the Micro Harness integrated climbing loops, connecting the Tree Spider vertical climbing belt (sold separately) is literally a snap and adds one more level of protection.

In the event of an accident, exclusive bungee tether reduces initial fall impact, and when used with the LIVEWIRE Descent System (sold separately) provides a controlled, hands-free descent to the ground from up to 25 feet. The bungee tethers are available in 3 lengths to match varying sizes of harnesses and hunters, while providing maximum freedom of movement and shock adsorption. Patented Spider Speed Clips make it easy to integrate the Micro Harness inside ScentBlocker® camouflage outerwear, so it’s super easy to put on and deadly quiet.

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