Wildlife Research Center, inc. is a leader in the scent elimination and hunting scent industry. In their 30th year of business, Wildlife Research Center® continues to introduce new and innovative products to improve your hunting success.

Being avid hunters at Wildlife Research Center®, we understand that starting out your day as scent-free as possible can mean the difference between bagging that big buck or leaving your tree stand empty handed. Wildlife Research Center® has introduced the new – Ultra-Premium Formula – Scent Killer® Gold™ Body Wash & Shampoo to help hunters be more successful.

If odor levels can be brought down to a point that is undetectable or is so low, that it does not trigger an alarm for the animal, it results in not spooking the animal. Wildlife Research Center® just made this process easier with this Powerful new Anti-Odor™, unscented formula that attacks human odor while it gets you clean. New – Scent Killer® Gold™ Body Wash & Shampoo is a special moisturizing formula with Aloe and it’s really nice to use. The powerful deep cleaning lather is very refreshing and just the ticket for washing and showering before the hunt. You will be amazed how well it works and how nice it is to use.

Wash your entire body and shampoo your hair with the all-in-one Scent Killer® Gold™ Body Wash & Shampoo – a small amount does the job!! After cleaning yourself, thoroughly rinse and dry with a properly conditioned washcloth and towel that have been washed in Scent Killer® Clothing Wash. Be sure to use the Scent Killer® System™ for all your scent elimination this hunting season.

Even though you can never completely eliminate 100% of human odor, it is important to take steps to eliminate as much as you can.

Once you try Scent Killer® Gold™ Body Wash & Shampoo, you will understand the outstanding quality, value and performance!

Use Scent Killer® Gold™! – The Gold Standard®

MSRP on the 12 FL OZ Scent Killer® Gold™ Body Wash & Shampoo is $9.99.

All products are 100% Money-Back Guaranteed – direct by Wildlife Research Center®!
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