GroundHog MAX ATV Disc Plow

The GroundHog MAX is now available at your local Tractor Supply Company Store!

That’s right, we have a great new retail partner in Tractor Supply Company. We have a new manufacturer too: Bad Boy Mowers of Batesville, Arkansas (View Bad Boy Mowers). You may recognize the Bad Boy name. Bad Boy Mowers is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of zero-turn lawn mowers. They are an exciting, forward-thinking company, and we’re proud to be on their team.

TSC’s Summer “Deer Event”
The Deer Event at your local Tractor Supply is the place to find all of your wild game food plot supplies. The GroundHog MAX is one of the featured products this year. You can also find “MAX” in the TSC catalog on page 153 (SKU 1005388). It is also available on the TSC website. Our new “demo video” is also there. Here’s a link to TSC’s GroundHog MAX page: GroundHog MAX at TSC

The GroundHog MAX is “Expecting”
This fall be on the lookout for new products. We’ve got a whole “family” of new implements designed to work off the GroundHog MAX platform. There is an off-set disc and a middle buster just to make a couple. We can’t wait for you to see them.

About the GroundHog MAX
The GroundHog MAX is used primarily as an implement for preparing ground for wild game food plots, but it can be used anywhere a disc plow is needed. Many times “MAX” can replace a tractor for small jobs. This disc plow is half as wide as a normal ATV “pull behind” but twice as fast. In western states “MAX” is used for weed control and fire defense.

or more detailed information about The GroundHog MAX by Bad Boy, sign on to our website here The Home of GroundHog MAX