At The Scrape On The Hill


Bowhunting Deer 2012

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This particular scrape has had activity since the bucks were in velvet back in September. Our 6-point worked the overhanging limbs, mouthing the branch and yanking and pulling it.

In this picture I zoomed in a bit closer so you could see the branch he is working. It doesn’t take much of a branch. I think it is all about location, location, location; but in whitetail deer terms.

And just in case you’re not sure which branch is his center of attention, here is an even closer look at it.

Once he had the branch just the way he liked it the buck turned his attention to the scrape on the ground. You can actually see the dirt that he is scraping up from the ground.

He also urinated on the scrape and then smelled the ground as he stood in the scrape.

With the scrape worked just right the buck shook his tale and I could tell he was ready to move on.

I expected him to go on over the hill, either to the east or the south. Surprise! He walked back in my direction.

He passed me nice and close and paused where I could get a closer picture of him. He might be a 6-point but he is not a young buck. Notice his neck, and back and belly. Also, he has a gouge or a cut on his neck.

He continued on and disappeared into the same woods he had traveled through earlier.

An hour passed and a doe came out of the trees to the east and walked to another scrape. She grabber a mouthful of branches and went to work.

In this picture you can see the limb she is mouthing and the end of the branch sticking out of her mouth.

When she was done with the scrape she walked in my direction and passed by at 25 yards.

The doe was the last deer I saw this morning.


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