The Most Dangerous Moo Cow

For over two years Elk Mountain Gear had requests from hunters and Outfitters for a Moo Cow Decoy.  Jeff Ervin of Elk Mountain is happy to announce the release of the new SLIP System Moo Cow.

It’s just a cow and it’s been done before, but there are a few differences:

1. The only readily available stalking blind/decoy in a natural “feeding in” position, indicating no need for alarm by your desired quarry. Just “feed” your way in to a shootable position.

2. Superior Photo-Realism

3. Orange ear tag allows a measure of safety in gun seasons; easily fitted with a gun rest (included)

4. The only decoy on the market that quickly compacts into an adjustable, carbon fiber trekking pole

5. Can be fitted with mini-ball camera adaptor (included), for simultaneous stalking and filming

6. Lightweight and mobile. Stainless steel spike quickly pushes into the ground when set up as a stalking blind

This decoy/blind has applications for wildlife photography as well as hunting. It will be widely used for pronghorn, deer, elk, hogs, waterfowl, turkeys, African game, etc.

For more please go to: Elk Mountain Inc