Scrape Watch: The First Active Scrape

Our thanks to Partner SpyPoint Trail Cameras.

I put a SpyPoint game camera on a core scrape that produces buck and doe traffic year after year. The camera is the SpyPoint IR-7. It takes color pictures by day, black and white by night. There were almost 300 pictures on the camera and these are the highlights.

I wanted you to see when deer actually begin making scrapes. Plus, some folks will be surprised to see that does play an active part in kicking off the scrape activity. Below are the Thumbnails for the pictures beginning August 27. The thumbnail pictures have comments about what is taking place in each picture.

[nggallery id=59]

And below this is a Slide Show of the Scrape Watch pictures. This software doesn’t put the comments on slide show pictures.

[slideshow id=59 w=640 h=490]

Special thanks to SpyPoint for providing their trail cameras for the 2012 Scrape Watch.