Point Blank Persuader II Elk Calls

Point Blank Hunting Calls delivered a winning elk call with its new Persuader II elk bugle. Point Blank Elk Calls were the wining calls used by champion caller Bryan Langley in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year. The Persuader II bugle has been perfected by Point Blank Hunting Calls with the help of Bryan for the RMEF World Elk Calling Championships.

Point Blank Hunting Calls Delivers A Full Range Of Elk Calls With the Persuader II

The Persuader II uses the Point Blank’s Quick Caps external silicone diaphragms, providing the same philosophy as a mouth diaphragm. Replacement reeds allow for three distinctly different sounds: a spike bull, a rag horn, or a heard bull. Just stretch one of the reeds over the mouth piece for one of three distinct bugles. Or, collect additional Persuader II bugle head assemblies and have the arsenal of calls ready when needed. The Persuader II offers extreme flexibility in delivering a full range of elk sounds including bugles, grunts, cow mews and calf sounds. The larger diameter head was designed to give a deep resonating start, a high fluted finish, and the hollow tone in a bull’s grunt. The Persuader II comes with a full one year warranty.

For more information on the Persuader II elk call, how to use the elk bugle or to find out more about Point Blank’s complete line of Point Blank elk calls or their other fine game calls and accessories, visit them at, www.pointblankcalls.com