Gear Review: Alpen Rainier Binoculars

By: Marc Anthony

If you’re in the market for a high-end set of binoculars, the Alpen Rainier model 77 10×42 may be what you’ve been looking for. These happen to be Alpen’s flagship binoculars, which carry the Rainier title.

These are built to withstand the elements and to perform in the most demanding of conditions. The body is made of magnesium and all air-to-surface glass areas are fully, multi-coated. Color and clarity are retained in addition to having great light capturing capabilities. They use the superior BAK-4 technology in these roof type prism binoculars.

My test binoculars weighed 29.4 ounces and came with a glass cleaning cloth, two straps, a set of instructions and one of the best warranties in the business. Let’s look at the specs:

  • HD – High definition, ED – Extra low dispersion optical system
  • Roof type prism, to keep compact in size
  • 29.4 oz.
  • 10 x and 341 ft. per 100 yards
  • 42 mm objective lens diameter
  • Exit pupil 4.2
  • BAK4 prisms
  • Magnesium body
  • Water proof, fog proof nitrogen filled and o-ring sealed.
  • Quick release strap
  • Lifetime warranty, no cards to fill out or receipt to have to save

Alpen designed these binoculars in the USA and manufacture them in Japan. They have been developed for ease of use, even if you use glasses, which can be troublesome with some other brands of binoculars. They have an A-Lock locking system that allows for faster focusing and saving of the chosen parameters. Their warranty is one of the best in the business! No warranty cards to fill out or reciepts to save, just call their toll free number if you have a problem, and they’ll take care of you, simple as that! Isn’t that a treat!

Every corner of these binoculars have been refined. They have some of the best glass, coatings, armor, clarity, light gathering capabilities, feel and warranty ever offered in optics. When purchasing a set of binoculars, make sure you pay special attention to the exit pupil size though! Even though the model 77 has superior light gathering capabilities with an exit pupil size of 4.2, you do have the option to drop down in magnification and increase the exit pupil size for even more light gathering! A human’s eye pupil expansion capability shrinks as they age, so always match what your eye is capable of receiving before making a decision on what exit pupil size to acquire.

Alpen offered them at around $1700.00 but now have an internet price of $1163.00 I have found them on the internet for as low as $850.00 while searching through Google.

For video: CLICK HERE

As a side note, Vickie Garner, the founder of Alpen, has an interesting story how she became a hunter. She used to be a non-hunter, but later in life became interested in hunting and now is a full-fledged pursuant of North American game animals. Very cool! I’ll eventually be writing a story on her, as I think it is a very interesting one!

I give these binoculars a “Thumbs-up” in the higher-end classification of binoculars. For more please go to: Alpen Optics

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