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For this hunt I tightened my Alpine Fireball up to 65 pounds just in case I needed the extra punch. I fletched up some VAP carbon arrows from Victory Archery using pink Bohning wraps, Opti-Vanes, Goat Tuff glue and the Arizona Rim’s EZ-Fletch. The VAP shafts are the new narrow variety and when I practiced with them I shot my other arrows too and was pleased that they shot just the same. The only real difference was that the VAP’s had 6-8 inches more penetration. My bowsight was a Cobra Boomslang with a rheostat light on it that illuminates the sight’s fiber optic pins. A real plus inside a dark blind.

Under my black shirt and pants I wore the HECS base layer. At the ATA Show I saw the demonstration of how HECS eliminates our electromagnetic field. Looking back, when the bear was only inches away it might have kept him from being more aggressive and coming on inside the blind with me.

The pop-up ground blind Ben had was roomy enough but I didn’t like the velcro around the windows nor the upside down triangle shaped windows. The triangle bottom was too high and my arrow would have deflected as it went through it, velcro and all. But it had other windows so I turned the blind to get a window I could shoot through.

I normally use Double Bull blinds and their window configuration is more to my liking. It’s velcro-less too. And based on past experience I could have got a side window open enough to see the bear good enough to let him meet up with my VAP arrows. My release was a Tru-Flite “Edge” and its small jaws are perfect for string loop shooting. It was a smooth release and the first “jaw” type release I like with the string loop.

If I would have needed them I had my proven, bear getting, Grim Reaper broadheads. They have put bears down for me every time on many past bear hunts. I had my ThermaCELL too but the weather wasn’t to the mosquitoes liking, and they didn’t show up to get run off.

Because of the 1 and 1/2 hour drive to the airport and the 5:00am flight check-in I had to stay in a motel Saturday night in Waco, TX. And I was glad my bow case and luggage was “out of sight and out of mind” beneath the Access toneau cover from AgriCover on my pickup. Not only does it keep your equipment out of sight, protects it from rain and snow and because it is aerodynamic it helps increase gas mileage. At almost $5 a gallon now, that’s a good thing.

Note the awesome Access tonneau cover from AgriCover over the bed of my pickup. It keeps everything dry as well as out of sight and out of mind to passers by.

Before this trip I got a new “Bottomless 26 Bowhunter’s Roller Bag” from Watson AirLock. Wow, is this thing is “Hot Stuff.” It has separate top and bottom compartments. I put my regular clothes in the bottom one and my hunting clothes and gear in the larger zip-up, velcro-up, scent eliminating top compartment. It has some outside pockets and I put stuff in them also. And on the long walk from the parking lot to the airport terminal I really appreciated the Rollers and pull up Handle. They made an already impressive traveling/hunting bag even better. At check-in it weighed in at 52 pounds so I removed 2 T-shirts and stuck them in my carry-on backpack and saved the $99 charge for overweight.

The Watson AirLock “Bowhunters Bottomless 26 Roller Bag” is on the right. It’s touch enough to take the roughness of airline travel. My bow case on the left is not, it got its handle broken off.

After I loaded my bags in the pickup I drove home with a beautiful sunset putting an end to a good hunt.


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