Another New Buck


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When the buck walked over the top of the hill and out of the trees in front of me I realized I had not seen him before. His tines were nice and long although his main beams were a little more narrow than some of the others this year. The velvet is tight around the hard antler so he is about to shed the velvet.

He came down to the seep water and either drank some water or ate some of the lush grass that is growing around the water.

Then he moved a bit closer and drank some of the water.

He, of course, looked around a few times and I got this close up of him. He has a very distinctive set of antlers.

He was still thirsty and went back to drinking.

When he was through he trotted away waving his flag.

It was a very interesting morning.


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  1. Collin Cottrell   2012/09/16 at 10:06 am

    He is a dandy!