Point Blank

Sponsored by Bohning Archery

By: Keith Beam

For years I have preached and practiced shooting long ranges so I could make those normal range shots. During that time I fell in love with helical fletched Blazer Vanes by Bohning Archery…four of them to be exact.

There is nothing like long range bombing that gets your heart pumping as the arrow slowly arcs into the target at 80, 90, or 100 yards. Its magical, its romantic, its flat #@$% amazing. Today’s bow and arrow set ups are so easy to shoot that being able to hold high and “let’r eat” comes naturally. I practice with what I hunt with…same EVO, same arrows, same everything. I am no expert, but I can promise you this, no matter how many arrows you dig from the dirt or search for behind your target, eventually you will fall in love with letting it sail.

With that said lets talk about Turkeys so close you have to hold your 60yd pin on them in order to keep from hitting too low. Yes you heard me correctly. I think its harder on me mentally to hold a 40 yard pin on a turkeys head at 6ft, then it is to hold a legit 70yd shot. Think about it this way and it will make more sense. Your top pin and your arrow are about 3 inches apart and until they cross each other in flight, your arrow starts low. If the distance is so close that they don’t cross with the normal arc, you will hit low. I have been blessed to shoot a lot of turkeys in the head and I have learned that if I hold on their eye ball at six yards or less I will more than likely smash their neck.

That’s a great problem to have, however, if you are aiming at the wing joint of a strutting tom, you may connect with the dreaded breast only. Double Bull’s Moto..high they die, low you go. I am writing a bowhunting turkey book to be released by next spring called “NO SMOKE” , I am enlisting in these of Feathered String Stickers as well – Brooks Johnson; my business partner from Double Bull days, Mike Wiltse; my long time hunting partner and Cameraman; Jay Gregory; Host of the Wild Outdoors and myself.

Between all of us there are close to 400 archery bowkills, and probably at least that many more that were botched, so I think we have some experience to share. My point is this. Get out and shoot your bow standing 10ft away from a target and see where you hit. Because I can promise you this that when a giant gobbler stands this close your first thought may be…I CAN’T MISS……Trust me you are wrong. I am living proof. Hope that helped.

Beamer over and out.