Harmon Scents Intros Death Mist

Bring in that trophy buck with the new Harmon Death Mists aerosol hunting scent disbursement system. Just pop the distinctive fluorescent orange top on the 6-ounce aerosol can, aim and spray. Harmon Scents are strong and very effective! Collected fresh and sealed in an airtight container, this is the freshest urine available.

Deer hunters can use the Harmon Death Mists to spray into scrapes, mock scrapes, on decoys, leaves of bushes, trees, scent wicks, drag rags, the leaves over a scrape, the bottom of boots, or spray in the air and let the scent carry downwind.

Harmon Death Mists are available in two scents:

  •  Harmon’s Triple Heat Death Mist is Harmon’s flagship scent. The scent of three female deer in heat drives bucks crazy. This is some of the strongest, freshest doe in estrus urine available.
  •  Harmon’s Dominant Buck Death Mist maintains the value, strength, integrity and purity of Harmon’s Dominant Buck scent– the popular scent used by hunters for over 29 years. Harmon’s Dominant Buck Death Mist will be sure to help you bring in that Trophy Buck.

MSRP $9.99. Available at popular sporting retailers and at Cass Creek .

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