Gear Review: TruFire Hardcore Max Release

By: Gary Elliott

When I first started shooting archery 4 or so years ago I tried many different types of releases and found I got confused with so many to pick from but I found myself preferring the dual caliper style Release. Since then I have tried hook styles but was never really comfortable with any until Tru-Fire came out with the Hardcore line. This year the Hardcore Max caught my eye. Like the other Hardcore’s the Max has a self centering knuckle located just behind the main body that pivots 20 degrees left or right eliminating side to side torque. I also like the way the steel jaw automatically closes when you depress the trigger. When set at minimal travel the trigger pressure is a very light 4 ounces.

There are two trigger designs available on the Hardcore, the Swept back trigger being the standard and the Forward trigger offered as an option.

Available wrist straps are the standard Evolution Buckle, Hybrid and Evolution Buckle Web System making this a hunter or tournament shooters release.

Also, an added feature to the Max is a separate screw to adjust trigger pressure and another to set trigger travel. Trigger pressure can be set from 3 to over 16 ounces with just a couple of simple turns of the adjustment screw.

Also available on the new Max is the Evolution II buckle boasting 2 ½ times more padding making this a very comfortable wrist release. The Max Black comes with red accents on the strap as well as the head of the release (this one is my favorite). For all you camo guys and gals it also comes in actual Realtree pattern applied to the head.

One last but awesome feature of all Tru-Fire Releases is that they are all made in America which is hard to find anymore.

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