Gear Review: Goat Tuff ‘CLAW’ Bow Carrier


I just finished the review of the GT Claw bow carrier by Goat Tuff Products. This is a handy little device that you may find useful!

Goat Tuff Products of Tucson, AZ. is the manufacturer of several great archery products. Their most notable creations are the Goat Tuff glues and Opti-Vanes, which I’m a fond user of. They also manufacture of the innovative Equalizer Release Aid which is guaranteed increases arrow speed.

The GT Claw is one of those accessories one may think is a waste of money or maybe just a gimmick, but in fact, it’s a real handy little tool! I tested it on my Bear Carnage with absolutely no issues and it worked as described. I walked around the test area sitting, standing and walking with no indication that the bow was going to fall off the Claw. It also proved that it will free up your hand allowing you to do other tasks as well.

The GT Claw simply slides on a belt and the belt you use, doesn’t have to be attached to your belt loops in your pants. In fact, I just wrapped my belt around my waist in the midsection area of my body and it seemed to be the optimum position for me. When fastening your bow to the Claw, you simply insert the bow into the Claw in a mostly vertical position and then twist horizontally to stabilize the bow for good. Two simple steps to follow and you’re ready to go!




Worn on your belt you simply place the bow handle between the rubber coated hooks and rotate into the locked position.


Click on the video to see it in action!

Bend, sit, climb, walk and the CLAW keeps you bow secure and ready for use.


The GT Claw comes in a right hand shooter model worn on the left side and a left hand shooter model worn on the right side. You can visit Goat Tuff Products at . Pricing for the Goat Tuff Claw varies from about $26.95 down to $21.95 on the internet, so price shop for your best deal! I recommend the GT Claw with a “Thumbs up” and a must have for those of you who carry a lot of stuff in and out of the timber during your quest for your favorite game animal!