Close Ups Of A Big 8


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Every once and awhile when you’re taking deer pictures you get lucky and these pictures came from being in the right place, at the right time and being lucky. A young buck came in view and soon a dandy 8-point walked up. He looks a little thin, the summer heat is taking some weight off him.

I guess he wanted to be sure I got his picture because he walked over and stopped  just right, and looked around the area.

As he slowly looked around I zoomed in tighter on him to get a closer look at his fine new headwear.

He wasn’t around long and walked off to the south.

At this point there is still at least a month of antler growing. This buck’s main beams should get longer as will his tines. And the verdict is not in on how many points he will wind up with. It’s possible that as the main beam lengthens a new  point or two could pop up.

We’ll keep watching and find out.


Bowhunting.Net: Scouting For Deer 2012 Home Page

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3 Responses to "Close Ups Of A Big 8"

  1. Zan Christensen   2012/08/24 at 3:29 pm

    That’s an absolutely beautiful buck Robert, hope he finds some luscious things to munch on now that you got some wonderful rains this past week ~ he needs some nutrition to fatten up!

    Hey, he’s done growing (score-able) points, but he’ll definitely be adding a few inches to what he’s put on so far before he looses his velvet next month. Just watch… ;^)

  2. Robert Hoague   2012/08/24 at 11:32 pm

    Zano, if I’m doing anything I’m watching. This is definitely a fun part of bowhunting.

  3. Zan D. Christensen   2012/08/28 at 1:31 pm

    And an extraordinaire watcher you are! Thanks for bringing us along to watch with you ~ fun it is for sure!